Tuesday, 2009-01-20

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madrazrhello all, I spoke to srabblier a couple of days back about how and where(I mean which feature or bug) to start contributing for Melange07:14
madrazrand he told me that some of the new comers will be given a demo of what Melange is now07:14
madrazrcan anyone please tell me when can that be done? I badly want to start contributing to Melange somehow :P07:15
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solydzajsmadrazr: yes we would like to make a demo and show you the workflow during this weekend07:24
solydzajsmadrazr: you still there ?07:25
madrazrsolydzajs: yeah07:25
madrazrsolydzajs: Ok, weekend would drag things I believe, if some minor task is assigned to me so I can just keep looking around the code and cry for help here when I don't understand things07:25
madrazrso I better understand when the demo is given07:25
madrazrhow about the idea?07:25
solydzajsmadrazr: did you checkout the code already ? you have GAE installed and Melange instance running ?07:30
madrazrsolydzajs: yeah07:30
madrazrsolydzajs: I am also following the development before the summit, but haven't been able to find out where and how to start contributing and also had not enough time :(07:31
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solydzajsBarryCarlyon: are you interested in contribution too ?07:59
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tlarsenHow does a User edit their own profile in the current app?12:46
tlarsenAll I have under my "User (self)" sidebar menu is a "Notifications" item.12:46
tlarsenThere is no "Profile" item for some reason.12:46
solydzajstlarsen: Sverre just committed a fix12:46
tlarsenAh, OK.12:47
solydzajstlarsen: I'm going to test if it works now12:47
tlarsenI just patched it in and it seems to be working.12:47
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Lenniehi folks12:50
LennieWas watching Obama's speech ^_ ^12:50
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solydzajstlarsen: are you in conference call already ?12:56
tlarsen3 minutes12:57
solydzajstlarsen: Sverre's patch works too, if your solution is better you can replace it :-)12:58
tlarsentlarsen: I don't have one, I patched in his.12:59
solydzajstlarsen: oh you patched it from SVN I guess ;-)12:59
solydzajstlarsen: is there anybody on the conference call already ?13:01
tlarsenYes, Leslie and I are there.13:02
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: So, what is the correct way to get the Site singleton, so that I can get the ToS scope_path and link_id?13:02
tlarsenLeslie just left the call, to switch to Chris' office.13:02
LennieI'm on hold ^_^13:03
tlarsenI want to display a link to the site-wide ToS if they exist.13:03
SRabbelier|Uniit keeps saying the conference code is invalid13:03
SRabbelier|UniLennie: what code did you use?13:03
Lenniethe one in the calendar13:04
Lenniekeep trying13:04
Lennieit failed me once aswell13:04
SRabbelier|Uni40014904 ?13:04
tlarsenDial-in number:866.457.464613:04
Lenniethe one in the calendar13:04
tlarsenYes, that is the code.13:04
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SRabbelier|Uniok *shrugs*13:05
SRabbelier|Uni*tries again*13:05
SRabbelier|Uniok, I'm in13:06
tlarsenLennie: How do I get the Site singleton?  Is there an accepted way?13:07
LennieI'll help you after the call :)13:09
tlarsenThere are no tags in the schema.13:21
Lennietlarsen: entity = self._logic.getFromFields(link_id=self._logic.DEF_SITE_LINK_ID)13:32
tlarsenActually, it is:13:35
tlarsensite_settings = site.logic.getFromFields(link_id=site.logic.DEF_SITE_LINK_ID)13:35
tlarsenYour code only works if you are insite the site entity itself.  :)13:35
tlarsen(I already figured this out myself, sorry.)13:35
tlarsenIt seems to me that there should be a special method in singleton logic classes that returns the singleton.13:36
tlarsenI will probably add one.13:36
Lenniejust add one in the logic13:38
Lenniemakes it easy13:38
tlarsenOK, now I can get the site settings singleton in the soc.views.models.user.User._editGet().13:44
tlarsenErr, that should have been soc.views.models.user.View._editGet().13:44
tlarsenSo, how do I pass something into super(View, self)._editGet() so that it would be in the form context?13:45
tlarsenShould I add a parameter to base.View._editGet() where additional context stuff can be added?13:46
Lennieyou are talking about something that should be in the context of the html when it's being rendered right?13:49
tlarsenYes, in _editGet(), I am grabbing the site settings to see if the ToS is there.13:49
tlarsenI want to put that tos_doc into the template context.13:49
tlarsenI don't see a way to do it.13:49
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: I don't think that's the place to do it though13:50
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: user_self doesn't even use base.View13:50
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: I am not talking about user_self.py13:50
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: if you want I can look at this ToS stuff13:50
tlarsenI am talking about user.py13:51
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: and get it done before friday13:51
tlarsenI said so in the path I provided above.13:51
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Are you saying you want to take over the ToS feature implementation?13:52
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: well, I'm working on Clubs atm13:52
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: but I'm saying if it doesn't work out you should let me know13:52
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Ugh.  Why does asking a question about how to do something on the IRC channel mean that I don't want to work on it?13:52
SRabbelier|Uninvm, sorry :)13:53
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Help would be telling me how to get something in a sub-class _editGet() into the context of base.View.editGet() so that it could be used in the template.13:53
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: I don't currently see a way to do that, and I don't want to override base.View.editGet() if I don't have to.13:53
SRabbelier|Uniatm you can't13:54
tlarsenSo, back to my original question:13:54
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: you could add the context param to _editGet I guess?13:54
tlarsenCan I add a context=None parameter to _editGet().13:54
tlarsenAh, that is what I was asking.13:54
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: just add it as a regular parameter13:55
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: since you'll be specifying it in base always13:55
tlarsenAn alternative is just to override editGet() and editPost(), "head-patching" their parameter lists.13:55
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: no need for a default value13:55
SRabbelier|Uninah, that sounds ugly13:55
tlarsenYes, but it changes less existing code.13:55
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: it'd be a one-liner13:56
tlarsenI'll have to add a context parameter to *every* _editGet() and _editPost() otherwise.13:56
SRabbelier|Uniin base.py13:56
SRabbelier|Uniah, sure13:56
SRabbelier|Unioh, you mean13:56
tlarsenI can do it either way, but this changes the "framework" API if I add a parameter to _editGet() and _editPost().13:57
SRabbelier|Unidef editPost(...):13:57
SRabbelier|Uni  context['foo'] = bar13:57
SRabbelier|Uni  return super(View,self).editPost(..)13:57
SRabbelier|Unilike that?13:57
tlarsenMy way just head-patches the call to editGet() and editPost() in just the class that needs to monkey with the context.13:57
SRabbelier|Unithat's fine, we do that all over the place13:57
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Yes.13:57
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: go for it13:57
* SRabbelier|Uni was confused by the term "head-patching"13:57
tlarsenA "head" patch is when you replace an existing entry point (e.g. method), so something, and then call the original one.13:59
tlarsenA "tail" patch is a similar replacement, but you call the original first and *then* mess with the result before returning.14:00
tlarsenEver patched IRQ vectors before?14:00
durin42Some part of me really wants to get into hardware work14:02
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: ok, we do that all over :)14:08
tlarsenJust a warning:  if I get asked by Chris to do a bunch of Google-internal stuff related to GSoC launch on Melange, I will *not* be able to work on *any* features.14:14
tlarsenI only have one day per week in my current obligations to devote to Melange.14:14
Lenniejust be sure to let someone know :)14:22
tlarsenWell, I am working on ToS stuff today.  Let's see how far I get.14:22
LennieI'm off14:23
Lennielast exam tomorrow14:23
tlarsenI suspect that someone will need to pick it up and finish it.14:23
Lenniecya :)14:23
LennieSverre is ready to do that14:23
Lennieif the need arises14:23
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tlarsenI've never been part of an external launch at Google before, so Chris knows way more about it than me.14:26
tlarsenRemember: I always work on internal tools, nothing user-facing (other than the GSoC web app, which was already "launched").14:26
tlarsenAs Chris mentioned in the call, GSoC apparently bypassed much of the real launch oversight.14:27
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SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: ok14:43
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SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: don't worry about it14:43
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lhsolydzajs: ping14:43
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lhsolydzajs: wb. i have some requirements from chris14:45
solydzajslh: ok14:46
SRabbelier|Unilh: is it bad?14:46
lhSRabbelier|Uni: not really14:46
SRabbelier|Unilh: ok ^__^14:46
lhtalking to pawel via google talk - he is having trouble with irc14:47
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Is there a place where /document/show can be derived, rather than me hard-coding it?  (e.g. something in the params dict...)14:49
tlarsenI'd like to add some sort of getShowUrl() or getPublicUrl() type of method to base.View.14:50
tlarsenAh, it looks like it is in views.helper.redirects.14:52
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: mhhh, what do you mean though?15:01
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: I'm unclear as to what you're trying to do?15:02
tlarsenI was trying to get rid of a hard-coded /document/show/%s/%s link.15:15
tlarsenI wanted to do it the "right way".15:15
tlarsenAnyway, I figured it out myself.15:15
tlarsenHave we documented anywhere what we are using to be sure we don't have circular imports?15:21
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: pylint15:30
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: you can ask solydzajs on how to use it / what it says when you have a circular import15:30
tlarsenIt would be nice if this was documented in the wiki. :)15:30
tlarsenHaving to ask a person how to use pre-submit tests is not nice.15:31
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: poke solydzajs about that :D15:31
solydzajsif you run do_pylint you can see cyclic imports in Refactoring section of the output15:31
tlarsensolydzajs: Can you mention this in the testing wiki topics somewhere?15:32
solydzajstlarsen: yes15:32
tlarsen$ scripts/pylint/do_pylint.sh15:33
tlarsenscripts/pylint/do_pylint.sh: 27: Syntax error: "(" unexpected15:33
solydzajsoh did I break it ?15:34
SRabbelier|Uniyou didn't test? :p15:34
solydzajsI did15:34
solydzajsone sec15:34
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: try running from scripts/pylint$ ./do_pylint.sh15:35
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: can you turn off R0801:  1: Similar lines in 2 files15:37
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: it's only giving bogus results anyway15:37
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Ugh.  That is yucky.15:40
solydzajsok will do15:40
tlarsenI tend to sit in the root of the project and edit and run things from there (a habit learns from years of dev at Google, where the tools work from the root of things).15:40
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: *shrugs*, not my script :P15:41
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: btw, it works for me running from root directory15:42
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tlarsenUgh.  example_text cannot be HTML?16:02
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: it can16:29
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: mark_safe it first16:29
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: (I think)16:29
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: either that, or do so in the template16:29
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: http://code.google.com/p/soc/source/detail?r=143616:45
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2k25> (at code.google.com)16:45
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: That is what happens when you wait 27 minutes to reply to me :)16:45
solydzajstlarsen: I have the university list from Leslie. I'm wondering how we should implement that16:49
solydzajstlarsen: we just have school name and country16:50
solydzajstlarsen: without any additional data16:50
tlarsenSome sort of import URL?16:50
tlarsenCreate otherwise empty School entities?16:50
tlarsenNo idea, really.16:50
tlarsenWe never had them be "groups" before.16:50
solydzajswell we can change the model16:51
solydzajsthat's not a problem16:51
solydzajswe don't use it yet anyway16:51
solydzajsit doesn't have to be a group16:51
solydzajsOh I got one email :-)16:53
solydzajsmaybe they fixed Google Code ;-)16:54
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tlarsensolydzajs: Changing the #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash makes your do_pylint script work on Ubuntu 8.10.17:14
tlarsensolydzajs: Is ( a "bash-ism"?17:14
solydzajstlarsen: oh! nice, you want to commit the fix ?17:15
solydzajsbash is fine with me17:15
tlarsenThe output of pylint is very noisy.  Where was I supposed to look for circular imports again?17:16
solydzajsbut it works for me on OS X with !/bin/sh too17:16
tlarsenYes, but /bin/sh is not /bin/bash on Ubuntu.17:16
solydzajsafter all warnings and errors17:16
solydzajsbefore the tables17:16
tlarsenI am guessing that OS X /bin/sh (BSD) is not Ubuntu /bin/sh (GNU) either.17:17
solydzajstlarsen: look for R040117:17
solydzajstlarsen: R0401:Cyclic import (%s). Used when a cyclic import between two or more modules is detected.17:17
tlarsenOK, good, I don't have any of those.17:17
tlarsen"Pattern not found"  :)17:18
SRabbelier|Unilh, solydzajs: did you two talk on Melange stuff?17:45
MatthewWilkeshey guys, I'm not going to be around on the 25th, am in Berlin for the weekend, can someone be sure to log #melange so I can go over it after?18:04
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: we're already logged, yes?18:08
MatthewWilkesah, so we are18:08
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: ^__^18:08
MatthewWilkesthat was easy18:08
SRabbelier|UniI love quick fixes like that :P18:09
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lhSRabbelier|Uni: we did18:23
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* r0bby looks around20:14
* tlarsen stares back at r0bby20:43
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