Friday, 2008-12-19

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lyaunzbeSrabbelier|Uni: ping14:24
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SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: pong15:15
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Just a quick question. Do you happen to know whether or not their will be a GHOP contest this year?15:15
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: like, within the next 15 days? :P15:20
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: no, but there will be in January if all goes well15:20
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Okay good. Thanks. I was just getting worried cause last year I missed it and I think it started late November. I just don't wanna miss it again :)15:22
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: yeah, it's delayed this year because Melange is not done yet ;)15:24
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Ahh, okay. Speaking of which, if you have any trivial Melange issues that need working on, let me know. I have the next two weeks off, giving me lots of free time, and I'd like to help any way I can.15:28
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: really? *grins*, I do have something you could work on I'm sure15:28
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: ok, have you seen the new notifications?15:29
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: you could work on this: Replace "is Featured" with a visible property for Documents, something similar needs to be done for Programs as well.15:29
lyaunzbeIs there an Issue page open for that?15:30
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: not sure, I don't think so15:31
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: is the description I just pasted lacking?15:31
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: or do you mean a issue so that you can comment on it?15:31
lyaunzbeNo, the description was fine. I was just wondering if there was a google code Issue page for it. If there isnt one its fine too.15:32
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: can you create one perhaps?15:33
* SRabbelier|Uni isn't sure on anonymous rights on issue trakcer15:33
lyaunzbeYah, no problem.15:33
lyaunzbeI need to go away for an hour or so to shovel snow, but when I get back ill try and post the issue.15:34
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: heheh, no problem15:34
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: good luck, wear some mittens ;)15:34
SRabbelier|Uni(that's what they're called right?)15:34
SRabbelier|Unior is that just for ovens ;P15:34
lyaunzbeNo. Mittens are like gloves but they cover the whole hand instead of having separate finger openings.15:37
SRabbelier|Uniright -nods-15:38
SRabbelier|Unithose the ones I mean15:38
SRabbelier|Unimore warm!15:38
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SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe_shoveli: just stick with your nickname and use /away15:39
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe_shoveli: it's not MSN for pete's sake :P15:39
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lyaunzbeSRabbelier: What does the "is featured" button do now? Cause it seems like it should be placing some sort of notification on the menu sidebar.16:40
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: correct16:48
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: it should still do that16:48
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: just the name should change16:48
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: and programs should only show up if they're "featuerd"16:48
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Well, when i make a new document and check off the "is Featured" box, the only other place it appears is in the List Documents section.16:50
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: you need to set the scope to either 'site'16:54
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: or the name of a program16:54
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Hmm. I set the scope path to site but its still not appearing on the menu side for me. Btw, if you put digits into the scope path field it throws a BadArguementError instead of just telling you that its in the wrong format. Im not sure if thats a bug or not.17:02
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: bug I think17:04
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: file a report if you can :)17:05
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: uhm, if you set a document's scope path to site, and have it featured, it should show up as long as there is a Site Setting17:05
SRabbelier|Uni(that is, you need to have aset a home page)17:05
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Okay, so in my edit site settings page i should have Document scope path set to site, right?17:08
lyaunzbeBecause if i go to edit site settings, I can set a newly created document as the Homepage17:10
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: the trick is17:17
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: for say, a FAQ to show up in the Site menu17:17
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: there needs to be a Site object17:17
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: which is created once you hit 'save' on the "Edit Site Settings" page17:17
SRabbelier|UniTime for bed here :)17:24
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Have a good night.17:25
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: good luck, if you need any help, feel free to mail ;)17:26
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Im gonna have to ask you for help on this again later if you dont mind. It seems that I have a site object but I still cant put a document under the site menu.17:26
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: oh?17:26
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: Is the document featured?17:27
lyaunzbeI have Home under the site menu. And when i make a new doc with a scope of site, it doesnt do anything.17:27
lyaunzbeYes it is featured17:27
SRabbelier|Unithat's odd17:27
SRabbelier|Uniare you running 'vanilla' Melange?17:28
SRabbelier|Uni(that is, no modifications to the code)17:28
lyaunzbei just svn'd from // soc-read-only17:29
SRabbelier|Uniand 'svn status' says all files are clean, right?17:29
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: can you paste what it says under "list documents"?17:30
lyaunzbeAs in the documents information?17:31
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: what it says in the list body of /document/list17:31
lyaunzbe2008-12-19 22:09:29.57273817:32
lyaunzbe2008-12-19 22:09:34.85975017:32
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: sorry for what?17:34
lyaunzbeposting it all unformated. Should i make a pastebin instead?17:34
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: nope, that's ok17:34
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: it looks good17:34
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: you using the latest version right? :-/17:34
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: try cleaning your datastore17:35
lyaunzbeim definetly using the latest version because i just svn'd an hour ago.17:35
SRabbelier|Uniok, that should work17:36
SRabbelier|Unicant' really think of anything else from the top of my head17:36
SRabbelier|Unihat, even17:36
SRabbelier|Uniremove all objects from your datastore and try again, I just tried myself and it Works For Me (TM)17:36
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