Wednesday, 2008-12-10

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Lennielh: poke :D11:34
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Lennie|GoneWatching House MD, bbl ^_^11:35
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SRabbelierdurin42: buildbot's still dead12:48
durin42SRabbelier: kinda.12:49
durin42SRabbelier: the tests are running12:49
durin42it just doesn't like my cleaning of pyc files12:49
durin42which I am going to remove12:49
SRabbelierdurin42: heh, ok12:49
durin42SRabbelier: should be fixed12:50
* durin42 hugs screen and long-running emacs sessions12:50
SRabbelierdurin42: you should re-run them all13:13
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durin42SRabbelier: hm?13:55
durin42SRabbelier: I restarted the master and the slave, but it needs a commit to trigger13:56
SRabbelierdurin42: but it needs to redo all the failed ones too14:00
SRabbelierdurin42: since most of them failed because of failing buildbot14:01
durin42SRabbelier: meh, that's not really the point of CI14:02
durin42at least not as I envision it14:02
durin42once the config is right, it gives meaningful info14:02
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SRabbeliermrs_spearce: hello there again16:26
mrs_spearcehi Srabbelier.  How are you?16:32
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: rather well, thank you; trying to decide what to do next for Melange :)16:32
mrs_spearcesrabbelier:  sounds like fun16:33
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: meh, only half16:33
durin42SRabbelier: if you update to trunk nose you can get my html output goodness :)16:56
SRabbelierdurin42: you got it in nose?16:56
durin42yup yup16:56
SRabbelierdurin42: awesome16:56
SRabbelierdurin42: how do I do that again?16:56
durin42easy_install -U nose==dev should work16:57
SRabbelierdurin42: nose==dev?16:57
durin42that tells easy_install to get the dev version16:57
durin42rather than 0.10.whatever16:57
SRabbelierdurin42: ah16:57
durin42once I get the buildbot working, I'm going to try and get this to publish the coverage report to someplace served by nginx16:58
durin42so we can all be really depressed by our coverage16:58
SRabbelierdurin42: heh16:58
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SRabbelierdurin42: how do I make it make a report? :P17:41
* SRabbelier was helping Lennie earlier17:42
durin42--with-coverage --cover-erase --cover-package=... --cover-html17:44
durin42not sure what --cover-package should be offhand17:44
SRabbelierdurin42: but I just want to run :P17:45
durin42*sigh* slacker17:45
durin42you don't want coverage on by default17:45
SRabbelierdurin42: hheh, no, you shouldof integrated it by now :D17:45
durin42it slows stuff down a ton17:45
SRabbelierdurin42: that's ok, make it an option to
SRabbelierpython --with-coverage17:45
durin42you can add a shell script that has the right args17:45
SRabbelierwould be nicely17:45
SRabbelierI can't pass anything ot can I?17:46 is really just a wrapper around nose to do our path munging17:46
durin42yes, you can17:46
durin42any arg nose takes iirc17:46
SRabbelierpython --with-coverage --cover-erase --cover-package=... --cover-html17:46 error: no such option: --with-coverage17:46
SRabbelieryes I know the ... is not good17:46
SRabbelierbut I was waiting for it ot tell me whati t expects it to be :P17:47
SRabbelierLennie: g'night17:51
SRabbelierI should be off too17:51
durin42SRabbelier: easy_install coverage?17:51
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durin42or we should add it to our third party packages17:51
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SRabbelierdurin42: done that, same result17:52
durin42I'll have to look then17:55
SRabbelierdurin42: ok17:55
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durin42Anyone awake?22:31
durin42I have questions about adding something to thirdparty22:31
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