Saturday, 2008-12-06

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SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: heya12:07
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: we're in "bugfix only" the next two days, so this would be the perfect moment to rebase your latest patch and get it applied :)12:07
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Good news, I was just doing that :)12:09
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: good :)12:09
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: on latest version?12:09
MatthewWilkesGreat minds, eh? ;)12:09
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: ok, good; if you send in your patch before tomorrow or so I will apply and review on my local checkout12:10
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: if it looks good I'll apply after the talk with Chris monday12:10
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MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Rebased version mailed to the list12:30
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: awesome12:30
LennieMatthewWilkes, thanks ^^12:30
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: will have a look inna minute12:30
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MatthewWilkescool, don't hesitate to get me to change things, I may have forgotten one of the things from the style guide, for example12:33
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: will do ;)12:33
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: I'll fix style issues myself if they're not too many12:33
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Ok, but please don't put linebreaks in {% blocktrans %} tags, I tried that myself and it broke the translation machinery12:36
MatthewWilkeswouldn't look it up in the po file12:36
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: no problem12:39
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SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: are you ok with licensing you sent in under Apache 2.0?13:10
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Yep13:13
MatthewWilkesand I've filled in the contributor agreement on the site13:14
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: ok, I'll add you as '"Matthew Wilkes" <[email protected]>', then?13:14
MatthewWilkesgreat, thanks13:14
lhSRabbelier: is there a melange instance i can test?13:15
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SRabbelierlh: pawel will create one soon, but atm you can try
SRabbelieroh, one sec13:16
SRabbelierneed to clean datastore13:16
lhSRabbelier: k, let me know when you're ready13:16
LennieSRabbelier: Too bad there is no delete * ^^?13:16
SRabbelierLennie: there is locally, "rm /tmp/dev_appserver*" :P13:16
LennieSRabbelier: or start your devserver with -c :P13:16
lhLennie: i assume i can check all the fixes here against this new instance? or are we waiting for pawel to cut a new release branch?13:16
tpb<> (at
Lennielh: Yeah you can13:17
Lennielh: The branch pawel will cut is the one we will be showing to Chris13:17
SRabbelierlh: ok, go ahead and try13:17
lhLennie: awesome, thanks13:17
lhSRabbelier: trying13:17
SRabbelierlh: ok cool13:17
lhSRabbelier: [email protected] profile created13:18
SRabbelierlh: dudet13:18
lhgive me power13:18
SRabbelierlh: you have the powah!13:18
lhor at the very least a coffee and a nice muffin13:18
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LennieSRabbelier: You should take a look at the issues list as well and update your work :)13:18
lhSRabbelier: rock13:18
LennieSRabbelier: I know you hate it :P13:19
* lh agrees with lennie, will wait for SRabbelier to finish that13:19
lhLennie: i hate such things too. but you're right.13:19
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SRabbelierLennie: erm, meh13:19
Lennieissue 4,613:20
Lennie7 is done in this new release I think13:20
Lennienot sure ^^13:20
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Lennielh: Yeah, but we need it to be clean when we go live, so that people can easily report issues :)13:21
SRabbeliermarking them now13:22
Lennielh: So we all have to sacrifice13:22
lhLennie: i know i know. i said you were right. :p13:22
lhSRabbelier: gracias.13:22
LennieSRabbelier: abuot issue 7, you check for host priviledges right ^^?13:22
* lh does not notice that her role says she is a developer. hrm.13:22
SRabbelierlh: there's no dev role really13:22
lhSRabbelier: that's good actually.13:22
Lennielh: I'll create an account too13:24
Lennielh: could you invite me to be a host :)?13:24
lhLennie: lemme see13:24
LennieSRabbelier: I dont want dev status :D, thanks anyway :p13:26
LennieSRabbelier: I want to try some stuff in the 'user' role :)13:26
SRabbelierLennie: hehe, I diddn't give you13:26
Lennielh: Thanks for the dev :P13:26
lhLennie: now to invite you to be a host13:26
lhSRabbelier: bad sverre!13:26
SRabbelierlh: mrew, what'd I do? :(13:27
lhSRabbelier: bug found. i went back into lennie's profile after ticking the developer box. returned - it is no longer checked.13:27
Lennielh: Because I unchecked it :)13:27
Lennielh: I want to be a 'user' ^^13:27
lhLennie: ah, ok.13:27
SRabbelierhehe ^^13:28
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Lennielh: Want to see if I can do what I'm allowed to do :)13:28
Lennielh: Melange in action sorta speak13:28
lhLennie: i think i need to create a sponsor before i can invite you to be a user, is this correct?13:28
Lennielh: Correct13:28
SRabbelieryup :)13:28
Lennielh: Hosts belong to a Sponsor13:28
lhalrightey on that in just a minute, a bunch of fosscamp peeps just walked in13:28
lhactually hang on i will tell them to wait13:29
SRabbelierhehe, ok13:29
lhthis will just take a sec13:29
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lhi do not understand group accepted vs. user accepted13:31
lhfor the create host13:31
lhi will assume i ought to check both13:31
SRabbelierlh: that is to be improved on13:31
lhSRabbelier: great thank you13:31
SRabbelierlh: you need only check group accepted though13:32
LennieI might look into that soonish :S13:32
lhSRabbelier: so should i remove the check on group or no?13:33
SRabbelierlh: no, group accepted -needs- to be checked13:33
SRabbelierlh: it doesn't matter if you check user accepted atm13:33
lhSRabbelier: got it ok13:33
SRabbelierlh: np :)13:33
lhso i have created a new sponsor and a new program13:33
lhit is not clear to me how to invite Lennie to become a user in this newly created program tho13:34
Lennienot possible atm?13:34
SRabbelierlh: you invite him as Host13:34
SRabbelierlh: not for the program13:34
lhSRabbelier: ok trying13:34
SRabbelierlh: so just click 'new host'13:34
SRabbelierLennie: where would you expect that functionality to be?13:34
lhSRabbelier: ok i already did that13:34
LennieSRabbelier: I expect it not to exist :P13:35
lhsorry, was confused on user vs. host. i think of user as someone with the fewest system capabilities13:35
lhok folks have patiently waited i will brb13:35
Lennielh: Do you want to invite users to become part of a program?13:35
SRabbelierlh: that is correct13:35
Lennielh: Programs should be open right?13:35
lhLennie: oh heck no, they should say "i wanna do this" and then someone says yes or no13:35
lhLennie: what do you mean by "open"?13:35
lhbrb keep typing guys13:36
Lennielh: Programs(GSoC,GHOP) should just be viewable by everyone, not just on an invite basis13:36
tpbTitle: Issue 7 - soc - Google Code (at
LennieI cant ^^13:39
SRabbelierlh: you should be able to apply as a student though13:40
SRabbelierlh: regardless of who you are13:40
SRabbelierlh: I think that is what Lennard means13:40
LennieSRabbelier: I meant that you should be able to see it without being invited ^^13:41
SRabbelierLennie: yes, ofcourse13:41
LennieSRabbelier: Applying is a different story :P13:41
SRabbelierLennie: but that's not what lh meant I think13:41
LennieSRabbelier: I think we should edit the rigths for program, think that's blocking my ability to add a program13:42
SRabbelierLennie: what does it say?13:42
LennieSRabbelier: Nothing, doesnt show up in the sidebar13:42
SRabbelierLennie: go to the page manually13:42
SRabbelierit'll tell you13:42
LennieSRabbelier: And I cant reach my host profile :D13:42
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierLennie: sure you can13:42
Lennieonly manually13:42
Lennienot by a link in the sidebar13:43
SRabbelierwhy is the sponsor's linkid gsoc? :P13:43
SRabbelierinstead of 'google' or such13:43
Lenniecan't create it :)13:44
Lennieafter step one it goes boom you need to be a dev :)13:44
SRabbelierLennie: ok13:44
LennieSRabbelier: I didnt see issue 32, dammit! :p13:53
SRabbelierLennie: oh?13:53
LennieSRabbelier: Love your work on the issue tracker so far ^^13:53
SRabbelierLennie: I'm done with it for now :P13:54
LennieSRabbelier: I thought I marked most of the things I did ^^13:54
LennieSRabbelier: ftw ->
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierLennie: hheeh, +113:55
* lh scrolls up13:55
lhLennie: correct, programs should be viewable not just on an invite only basis13:56
SRabbelierlh: main question: why did you name them 'gsoc' and 'summerofcode'13:56
lhSRabbelier: yes you should be able to apply as a student regardless of who you are, though students cannot simulatneously act as a mentors for gsoc. in other words, you cant do both13:57
SRabbelierLennie: ok13:57
SRabbelierLennie: why not :P13:57
SRabbelierlh: right -nods-13:57
lhSRabbelier: because none of these roles actually make sense to me yet.13:57
SRabbelierlh: a Sponsor is like, Google13:58
SRabbelierlh: the company paying the dought13:58
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lhSRabbelier: you want to clear the data store and start again13:58
SRabbelierlh: np13:59
lhSRabbelier: no seriously, clear the system, let's start again. unless that's too hard.13:59
SRabbelierlh: ok done13:59
SRabbelierlh: only left the suers14:00
lhok starting again14:00
LennieSponsor: A company behind programs. Host: Users wich are the people from the Sponsor who can make programs in name of that sponsor. Program: GSOC2009 GHOP2009.14:01
Lennieanyhoo :P14:01
LennieI'm off for an hour or so14:01
SRabbelierLennie: ok14:01
lhSRabbelier: "google - this link ID is already in use"14:03
*** Lennie is now known as Lennie|Gone14:03
* lh uses goog14:04
SRabbelierlh: wait, huh?14:04
SRabbelierlh: that's cos you made it already14:04
tpb<> (at
lhSRabbelier: nope, when i go in to create a new sponsor14:05
lhand try to use link name google14:05
SRabbelierlh: the sponsor is there14:05
SRabbelierlh: I guess Lennie made it?14:05
lhSRabbelier: i thought you cleared everything out except users?14:05
lhSRabbelier: i guess so, continuing14:05
lhgeneric name on the create program page is not clear to me. what is this used for?14:08
SRabbelierlh: to group them14:08
SRabbelierlh: so you have gsoc2008 and gsoc200914:08
SRabbelierlh: so you have gsoc as generic name for both14:09
lhi see14:09
SRabbelierlh: and then you can see all gsoc programs14:09
lhone sec i need to go to a meeting. sigh.14:09
lhyes i have weekend meetings. it happens.14:09
SRabbelierlh: :-/, ok14:09
lhit happens.14:09
SRabbelierlh: how long is it?14:09
lhSRabbelier: unknown, why?14:09
SRabbelierlh: so that I know how long I'll have to wait :P14:10
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: You added  " +from soc.views.helper import widgets" in app/soc/views/models/document.py14:11
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: and removed the "-    """Inner Meta class that defines some behavior for the form." docstring14:11
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: why is that? :P14:11
Lennie|Gone(+SRabbelier) lh: I guess Lennie made it? -> Didn't, I was not a dev :P14:15
SRabbelierLennie: then lh mustof accidentally hit 'submit' twice or such14:15
Lennie|GoneSRabbelier: Back to watching "I love Holland", one of the last good gameshows we have remaining in our country :P14:17
SRabbelierLennie|Gone: hf14:17
SRabbelierlh: pawel just called, he'll be on in about 30 mins and do the branch14:31
lhSRabbelier: awesome still in meeting but will take a look when i can14:31
SRabbelierlh: okies14:31
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Hmm, I didn't add them, maybe a cock-up in merging?14:35
MatthewWilkesThat's scary14:35
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: probably14:35
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: starting review now14:36
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: main comment will be that line continutations should be done inplicitly if possible14:37
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: ping?14:39
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Sorry, pong14:46
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: :)14:46
MatthewWilkesYeah, I'm used to long lines, whatever happened to "Explicit is better than implicit"?14:46
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: Not sure14:47
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: but it's the policy14:47
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: see styleguide :P14:47
MatthewWilkesSo, it's better to have the function call on its own rather than use an explicit and keep it with the constant?14:47
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: comments posted14:50
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: yes, it was ok as the old code was doing it ;)14:50
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: I commtended on all the places where it needs fixing, so that when I upload your fixed version it is easy to see whether they were all addressed14:52
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Ok, good point!  I'll fix and submit a new patch14:52
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: you can just send an updated patch (download my version since I changed some) to the ML, and I'll upload it to Rietveld14:52
MatthewWilkesGreat, I'm just about to have dinner so I'll do it in about 30 minutes14:54
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: sweet14:54
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solydzajshi all15:05
SRabbelierlh: there's pawel :)15:06
lhsolydzajs: yo, in a meeting but yours to test later today15:07
SRabbelierlh: it's an online/skype meeting?15:07
lhSRabbelier: no using computer at same time15:13
SRabbelierlh: hehe, you're in a RL meeting typing  away at us, tsk ts :P15:14
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: How do you want me to respond to the questions in comments?  I'm thinking about
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: reply to the e-mail15:22
solydzajslh: thank you ;-) will prepare everything15:23
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok15:23
*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC15:29
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*** Lennie|Gone is now known as Lennie15:34
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Mailed to list15:59
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: cool15:59
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: I'm glad of your question re how to translate that byline, it contained a bug that I hadn't noticed as I hadn't provided a translation in my file15:59
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: ah, ok16:00
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: ah, bugger, attached the wrong file16:02
MatthewWilkeshold on..16:02
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: hehe, np16:04
MatthewWilkesthere :)16:05
MatthewWilkesIt's been so long since I worked with patch files, I'd almost forgotten :)16:06
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: hehe16:06
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SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: ps: please submit any follow-ups as incremental patches if possible :)17:20
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: as you can see ( from the merge conflict markers :P), I had to manually merge the two17:20
*** lh has joined #melange17:22
MatthewWilkesah, right, sorry, I've never used rietfeld.  Does it not just parse it before comparing to the existing version?17:23
SRabbelierlh: that's one helluva meeting17:23
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: yeah, but I wanted to review it myself first :P17:23
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Ah right, didn't you just revert and apply? :)17:24
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: heh, I created a new git branch, applied your patch, then rebased on your previous patch17:25
MatthewWilkesIn the immortal words of Cal Henderson... MOON LANGUAGE.17:29
lhSRabbelier: i am trying to help ntp forum do marketing17:30
lhnow not doing that anymore17:30
lhwhatcha want me to do?17:30
SRabbelierlh: heehe, ok17:30
SRabbelierlh: solydzajs should be pushing the new branch any minute now17:30
lhSRabbelier: rock17:30
* lh will be around all afternoon to do thy bidding17:31
* SRabbelier will be off to bed soon though :D17:31
lhSRabbelier: fair enough17:31
lhsleep well17:31
SRabbelierlh: pfff, not right now :P17:31
SRabbelierlh: but not the rest of the afternoon :P17:31
lhSRabbelier: ah i see.17:31
*** solydzajs has quit IRC17:40
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*** mrs_spearce has joined #melange17:43
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: hehehe, hello there17:50
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: how are you today? :)17:51
mrs_spearcegood how are you?17:52
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: I'm cool :)17:53
*** solydzajs has quit IRC17:53
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: what are you doing out here with the boring coders?17:53
mrs_spearcesrabbellier: not much.17:53
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: hehehe :P17:54
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: did you go on vacation yet?17:54
mrs_spearceSrabbelier: yeah i got back last friday.  i had a lot of fun17:54
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: cool! what all did you do?17:55
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  i went to albany, ny first to visit some of my friends and then i went to nh to visit my mom and stayed thru thanksgiving17:56
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: nice, you got to spend thanksgiving at home :)17:56
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  it was nice.  my mom was happy17:57
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: how bout you? :P17:58
mrs_spearceSrbbelier:  i was happy too but i was definitely ready to come back to sunny california and see my husband17:58
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: hehe, was it that cold out there?17:59
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  yeah it actually snowed on the day i left17:59
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: *snickers*, was said husband asking to see you too, or was he too absorbed by work to notice you were missing17:59
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: oooh, snow! :D17:59
* SRabbelier <3 snow17:59
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  he knew i wasn't here although he did work every day i was gone18:00
* mrs_spearce hates snow18:00
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: hehe18:00
SRabbelierawr man18:01
SRabbeliersnow is awesome18:01
mrs_spearceno it's cold and wet18:01
SRabbelierheheh, yes it is18:01
mrs_spearceyou would think that i would like it living with it for 28 years18:01
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: apparently not :P18:02
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  true18:03
* SRabbelier yawns18:09
* lh twiddles thumbs waiting for new release18:09
SRabbelierlh: done!18:09
* mrs_spearce watching grey's anatomy18:09
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: pfff, no fair, you get to have fun while we have to work hard! you go write some code, spit spot! :P18:10
* SRabbelier ducks18:10
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  i have no idea how to write code.18:10
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: oooh, it's not that hard really :P18:11
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  it is if you hate computers like i do18:11
SRabbelierah, point18:11
* lh starts testing melange18:13
mrs_spearcelh:  don't you ever take a day off?  jk18:13
lhmrs_spearce: apparently not.18:15
mrs_spearcelh:  no computers tomorrow18:15
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: but we neeeeeeed her :P18:15
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  we're having thanksgiving tomorrow18:16
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: innit that a bit late?18:16
lhmrs_spearce: correct.18:16
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  yes but all of us were somewhere else so we decided to celebrate tomorrow18:16
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: fair enough18:17
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: who's "all of us"?18:17
mrs_spearceSrabbelier:  lh, me and the hubby18:17
* lh goes down to do list lennie gave her18:17
SRabbeliermrs_spearce: aaah, cool :)18:17
SRabbelierlh: he gave you a list? he's a good guy ^^18:17
SRabbelierlh: so you're chillin out at the Spearce residence tomorrow? :p18:17
lhSRabbelier: he did and yes i shalt.18:19
SRabbelierlh: sweet18:19
* lh <3's spearce & mrs_spearce18:19
SRabbelierlh: can you ctrl+v me the list, yesno?18:19
SRabbelierhhehe ^__^18:19
summatusmentishi all18:22
tpb<> (at
lhverifying everything i can via the UI at the moment18:22
SRabbelierlh: awsome18:22
SRabbelierlh: very cool :)18:22
lhand done18:27
SRabbelierlh: you did them all? cool18:28
lhall i could yes18:28
SRabbelierlh: ah, yes I see18:28
SRabbelierlh: very nice!18:28
lhSRabbelier: i try18:30
SRabbelierlh: :)18:31
*** mrs_spearce has quit IRC18:31
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*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC19:02
SRabbelierI'm off to bed, cheers19:06
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC19:06
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solydzajslh: hello ;-) sorry it took so long for preparing release and deploying19:27
lhsolydzajs: no worries, i have been kicking the tires19:31
solydzajslh: ok awesome, the database on melange-demo is totally cleaned, since we changed some stuff that required clean up. But that should not happen again.19:31
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* lh needs to go shut down fosscamp19:43
lhtalk to y'all later19:43
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