Sunday, 2008-11-30

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SRabbelierdmitrig01: ping15:37
lyaunzbeHey guys. Does anyone mind helping me with a simple question or two?16:02
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: sure16:02
lyaunzbeOkay so im completely new the project. I just got it from svn and got it to run locally.16:03
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ok16:03
lyaunzbeNow i wanted to see if i could make any basic changes16:03
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: sure16:03
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lyaunzbeso I edited the public.html in soc/templates/soc/home16:04
lyaunzbeand my changes dont appear16:04
lyaunzbeI may be doing something completely wrong.16:04
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: try editing base.html16:04
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: the public.html in soc/home is only used in a few select occasions16:05
lyaunzbeAh. Okay. Let me go ahead and try that. Thanks16:05
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: np :)16:05
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: let us know how it goes16:05
Lennienew coder :D?16:06
SRabbelierLennie: yup16:06
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: That worked a lot better. Im curious, however, as to why it says "This is the default home page, which can be edited via Edit Site Settings." when that isn't in base.html16:15
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: that's because base.html is extended16:16
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: by another template16:16
lyaunzbeoh okay16:16
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: serach in the template directory for that text, and you'll find the template16:16
lyaunzbeOkay, is it strange that i found it in error.html?16:19
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: no :)16:22
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: because it masks the error page when the home setting is not found16:22
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: what we do is lookup the home settings to get the home page16:22
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: but when it can't be found, it shows you the error page16:22
lyaunzbeOkay. Seems logical :)16:23
Lenniewelcome lyaunzbe ^^16:23
lyaunzbeThank you Lennie16:23
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Is there anyway for me to set the home settings?16:30
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ofcourse16:30
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: click "Edit Site Settings"16:30
lyaunzbeBut what file is looked up to find these home settings?16:35
lyaunzbeSo that you don't get the error page every tme.16:35
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: the one you make by going ot "Edit Site Settings"16:37
SRabbelieryou have to set the home document16:37
SRabbelierto do so you create a new document16:37
lyaunzbeSo you can just create a new document and set it as the home page with the link ID16:40
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: :)16:40
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: yup16:40
lyaunzbeWhats the document scope path though? The url name?16:40
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: that will go away soon :)16:40
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SRabbelierlyaunzbe: at the moment, make up something16:40
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lyaunzbeSRabbelier: How come  documents/public.html has a tag that should show the Last Updated time, but when go to the Document viewer it doesn't show? Yet, when I set that document as the home page the Last Updated tag does show up.17:05
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: the edit page does not display the last updated time17:05
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: instead, check the "public page" link at the top when you are in edit mode17:05
lyaunzbepublic view right?17:06
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: yes17:06
lyaunzbeYah. That doesn't have the last updated time.17:06
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: what link doesn't have it?17:07
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: sorry, let me look at that17:15
lyaunzbeyah np. take your time17:16
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ah, I know17:17
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: because there is a public.html for site17:17
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: and one for document17:17
Lennieprobably my bad if something has failed there ^^17:18
lyaunzbeyah and the public.html for document has a div tag that should load the Last Updated time. But the document viewer doesn't show that.17:19
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: it shows me: Last modified on 2008-11-30 22:17:00.854880 by Sverre Rabbelier17:19
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: in light grey17:19
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: and small font17:19
LennieLast modified on 2008-11-30 22:19:44.453000 by Lennie17:19
Lenniedamn I'm slow :D17:20
lyaunzbe.... Sorry im retarded....17:20
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: lol17:20
Lennietoo bad nothing has failed there, would have made a nice patch for you lyaunzbe :)17:20
dmitrig01SRabbelier: png17:25
SRabbelierdmitrig01: ah17:25
SRabbelierdmitrig01: do you have any time soon to look at the tool tips showing artifacts?17:25
Lennie ?17:26
tpb<> (at
dmitrig01SRabbelier: not today17:27
dmitrig01SRabbelier: next weekend17:27
SRabbelierdmitrig01: mhhh, ok17:28
lyaunzbeis their a way to remove that Last Updated tag from the home page?17:34
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: mhhh, I guess you could remove it from site's public.html?17:34
Lennielyaunzbe: If you remove line 53 of that template you will not see it anymore :)17:37
lyaunzbeLennie; Too slow :D17:37
Lennielyaunzbe: Damn again :P17:37
LennieI'm off to bed17:37
Lenniemight be faster tomorrow :)17:37
lyaunzbeGoodnight and thanks for your help.17:38
Lenniemwah, I was too slow ^^17:38
Lenniethank SRabbelier :P17:38
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lyaunzbeOut of curiosity, why has access to the new host page been restricted?18:04
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: mhhh, what page are you trying to see?18:05
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SRabbelierlyaunzbe: you need to go through sponsor's list18:06
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: pick a sponsor18:06
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: then do 'invite a host'18:06
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lyaunzbeOkay thanks18:06
SRabbelierlhthat works I hope? :)18:07
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ^^18:08
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