Tuesday, 2008-10-21

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SRabbelierlh, durin42: anyone remember if hosts were per-program, or per-sponsor?00:18
lhSRabbelier: i still dont understand the host sponsor blah blah00:19
SRabbelierlh: heh, great :P00:20
SRabbelierlh: Sponsor = google00:20
SRabbelierlh: host = you00:21
SRabbelierlh: but I'm not sure if a Host is for "GSoC2008" or for "Google"00:21
lhsee there's no way in hell you should not know that.00:24
lhthat's a problem.00:24
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tlarsen_vmSverre isn't here.  :(14:42
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durin42tlarsen_vm: Think I got a basic nose setup working so that running our tests is 'python tests/run.py'15:54
durin42doesn't do everything I want yet (would be nice to have doctests on by default) but it seems to be working for now15:54
tlarsen_vmNice.  Do you have any tests as examples?15:54
durin42Not yet.15:54
tlarsen_vmWill you be running them as part of buildbot?15:54
durin42I was figuring I'd include an example test of a view as part of the review.15:54
durin42That was the plan. :)15:54
tlarsen_vm(also, is that buildbot status still exposed somewhere?)15:54
durin42Really all test/run.py does is muck with sys.path and a couple of environment variables15:55
tpbTitle: Welcome to the Buildbot (at melange.durin42.com)15:55
durin42oh, crap.15:55
durin42locked working copy.15:55
durin42tlarsen_vm: one advantage of using nose this way is it imports all the source files we have as it looks for tests15:56
durin42which means it effectively does a high-level lint of even uncovered files15:56
durin42tlarsen_vm: next time someone commits the buildbot should be fixed15:58
tlarsen_vmIs this buildbot mentioned somewhere in the /p/soc/ wiki yet?15:58
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durin42probably not15:58
durin42it'd be nice to have a more real home for it than my home dsl if it's going to get real traffic15:58
tlarsen_vmYeah, true.15:58
durin42I've got a little bitty soda straw because the infrastructure is so old.15:58
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tlarsen_vmWe don't really have any "it's just running Linux and Apache" outward-facing machines at Google, as you know.15:59
durin42Yeah, I know.15:59
tlarsen_vmWell, once Comcast gets off their duff and installs the cable Internet, I will have 8M/512K DSL and a redundant cable Internet.15:59
durin42I was thinking of maybe talking to people at the summit and see if someone could donate some "real" hosting for a buildbot.15:59
tlarsen_vmYes, that is a good plan.16:00
durin42Yeah, or if Verizon gets FiOS in my area soon, that'll be an option.16:00
tlarsen_vmdurin42: Things finally started moving forward on the Comcast front when, on the *third* on-site visit, they finally decided they needed to treat it as "new construction".16:21
durin42tlarsen_vm: how clever of them16:23
tlarsen_vmYeah, they kept wanting to run the line above ground on a power pole that I kept telling them the local utility was going to remove because the utilities for the two houses are now buried.16:23
tlarsen_vmI even showed them the 1.5" conduit that had been run from the street to the houses just for them.16:24
tlarsen_vmIt has pull strings, an mid-way access box to make the pull easier, etc.16:24
tlarsen_vmThe phone company came out months ago, in one visit, and established phone service to both houses in their dedicated conduit in about an hour.16:24
durin42Clearly you made it so easy for them they were baffled.16:26
tlarsen_vmThey need to put in a tap at the street, which is why they are calling it "new construction" and going to charge me more for installation, even though at least one of the houses has had service before.16:27
tlarsen_vmBoth houses are already pre-wired, with patch panels in closets, cable in the wall, and outlets in every room.16:28
durin42very nice16:28
tlarsen_vmAll they have to do is get their wire to the service entrance box on the back of each house, and I can take it from there.16:28
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SRabbeliertlarsen_vm: ping?19:14
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SRabbeliertlarsen_vm: ping?21:38
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SRabbelierlh: O hi22:22
lhSRabbelier: do you know mr. spearce didn't tell mrs_spearce who you are?22:23
lhyou were known as "soc student"22:23
lhmy lord.22:23
lhand hi how are you? patching going well?22:23
SRabbelierlh: she didn't? *snickers*, I'm not surprised, surely I'm not that interesting22:25
SRabbelierlh: I just spent near 4 hours hunting a bug, and omg, it was so silly22:25
lhSRabbelier: that is not good.22:33
lhshe now knows your name sverre. that is good.22:33
SRabbelierlh: wooh, tha'ts good ^__^22:33
SRabbelierlh: good news is that I have the Host thingy done now22:34
lhSRabbelier: that is good.22:37
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mithrohey lh_23:48

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