Friday, 2020-05-01

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awygleis there a principled way of understanding when `abc pdr` will pass a proof which fails k-induction?03:25
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az0reawygle: You should probably ask Alan directly: Alan Mishchenko <[email protected]>05:35
awyglei am reading the paper now but i may do that too05:35
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awygleah I see, since pdr works forward from initial states it's a good escape hatch from problems with the inductive step06:40
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keith-manis there any way to specify targer number of logic levels in yosys or abc?09:56
keith-man*a target*09:56
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ZirconiumXkeith-man: for gate or LUT synthesis?10:05
ZirconiumX... I'm not sure if this hack will work or not, so keep that in mind10:06
ZirconiumXBut ABC has the -D option to target a specific delay10:06
ZirconiumXAnd since delay is proportional to logic levels, it might work10:06
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keith-manhmm, how do I invoke that? when looking here, I ahve been able to have yosys generate a blif and then have ABC use a genlib file I wrote, but I can't really figure out how to specify contraints like that10:08
tpbTitle: ABC: A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification (at
keith-manoh I see the executing abc inside yosys provides different inputs interesting10:17
keith-manhmm but it looks like I lose the ability to load a genlib file that way. Since running abc interactively I could go read_library my_lib.genlib10:19
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keith-manah I think I figured it out how to provide that timing info interatively.10:29
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cr1901_modern I love this21:43
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jfierroHi all. Is it a bug if yosys interprets '1 as a single bit 1 instead of a bit fill of 1's, even when passing the -sv option?23:45
ZirconiumXjfierro: I'm not sure it's a supported SV feature23:45
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