Friday, 2019-10-25

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tpbTitle: ULX3S | Crowd Supply (at
rvenseanother ecp5 board that's going to launch Very Soon?20:46
daveshahThere've been some semi-production batches of the ulx3s20:47
rvenseyes, i've never managed to get a hold of one20:47
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rvensei like the look of the tinyfpga one20:50
forksandrvense: i built a ulx3s from their public plans, so it definitely works. :)20:59
rvenseforksand: good going! and yeah, it seems like a tested design21:00
forksandrvense: which other ones are there that are launching?21:00
rvenseforksand: the tinyfpga one, and there was that orange crab thing, wasn't that doing crowdfunding as well, or did i dream it21:01
forksandah ya.  So i guess there are four, but not sure which ones are actually for sale: ulx3s, trellisboard, tinyfpga, and orange.21:08
forksandthis is tinyfpga's page:
tpbTitle: TinyFPGA EX | Crowd Supply (at
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rvensethe fleafpga one looks good as well, but it seems like that was just a one-off run and won't be repeated21:13
forksandlooks like FleaFPGA did an indiegogo and shipped all the boards a year ago or so:
tpbTitle: FleaFPGA 'Ohm' FPGA Experimenter Board | Indiegogo (at
daveshahThe ULX3S is sort of the spiritual successor of the FleaFPGA21:17
daveshahSame programming interface, similar peripherals in many ways21:18
forksandDoesnt look like Flea published full design files (e.g. no gerbers).21:19
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daveshahMight be worth getting in touch with them they're Flea86 or Flea86_ on freenode21:22
daveshahBut don't seem to be online at the moment21:23
forksandI'm interested in a board about halfway between a ULX3S and a Trellisboard... I may have one worked up.21:23
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