Sunday, 2019-08-11

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janrinzehmm... i had expected ecp5 to be faster than hx8k. The TTA design does 100 MHz on HX8K but 'only' 78MHz on ecp5 (LFE5UM5G-85F-8BG381) evaluation board?15:51
daveshahPossibly hit an unlucky case somewhere15:51
daveshahpicorv32 is at least 2x faster on ECP5-5G than HX8K15:51
janrinzeNot sure if I did everything correctly but I expected ecp5 to be significantly faster than hx8k.15:51
janrinzedaveshah: could it be BRAM speed?15:52
daveshahBRAM is slow in the non-5G ECP5s but fast on the 5G ECP515:52
janrinzethe yosys command is : synth_ecp5 -noccu2 -nomux -nodram15:53
daveshahThat's not right15:53
daveshahYou want just `synth_ecp5` these days15:53
daveshahThe nextpnr command would determine device type and speed grade15:53
janrinzeAh. i see, just using synth_ecp5 yields .... (drum roll... ) 185.39 MHz ! yay!15:56
janrinzeNice to know it was just pebcac :-)15:58
janrinzedaveshah: I was very curious because I want to know if buying the evaluation board is actually going to get me that bit extra that I am looking for both in speed and size.16:02
daveshahYes, it certainly should16:02
daveshahIncidentally, do you have --um5g-85k in your nextpnr string? Otherwise there is room to go further16:03
janrinzenextpnr-ecp5 --timing-allow-fail --speed 8  --freq 100 --json build/top.json --lpf ulx3s/top.lpf --um5g-85k --textcfg build/top.config16:03
daveshahLooks good16:03
janrinze:-D thanks16:03
janrinzethanks to the extensive feedback from the nextpnr-ecp5 when no arguments are given.16:03
janrinzedaveshah: with in mind 1.8 times faster, 11 times more LUTs and 29 times more BRAM.. no brainer :-D16:10
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janrinzeULX3s has a speed grade 6 which makes it around 10% faster than hx8k.16:20
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tntjanrinze: what's build/top.config for btw ?17:30
tntoh that's the output file nm17:32
daveshahYeah like a higher level config format than asc17:32
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