Monday, 2019-08-05

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pepijndevosIs $readmemh synthesizable to some block ram primitive?17:02
daveshahYes, it becomes a $meminit in Yosys, which then becomes an initialised bram17:05
pepijndevosI'm used to making a bram in quartus, so I'm a bit unsure what kind of code I have to write to make a bram in yosys. I hope if I just make a huge array it'll just magically work :)17:07
ZipCPUPretty much, but there are some "rules" you need to follow to be successful17:08
ZipCPUBasically, you can't ask for an array that the hardware cannot support17:08
pepijndevosI guess I'll just mess around until I get a $meminit, or are the some examles/libraries somewhere?17:09
ZipCPUCheck out page 15 of
pepijndevos"ZipCPU: there is a tutorial for that" ;)17:13
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bwidawskthis isn't actually me, right?
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence (at
daveshahNo, looks like travis having a sad moment18:29
daveshahI'm not sure if it's actually possible to force a rebuild (I'm logged in as a repo admin) without force-pushing :/18:29
bwidawskyeah - I don't see anything18:30
bwidawskI can force push... I had a grammar error in my commit msg anyhow18:31
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bwidawskis the ANSI C style module declarations frowned upon for new files, or generally?19:11
ZipCPUbwidawsk: Depends upon who you ask19:13
ZipCPUSome folks swear by it19:13
bwidawskIt's my preference, but I'm a long time C coder and new to verilog, so I might be the minority19:14
ZipCPUNah, I don't think the lines are so clearly delimited19:14
ZipCPUI don't use the ANSI style, but it seems like I'm forever evaluating code that does19:15
ZipCPUSometimes I even slip into using it19:15
ZipCPUI'm not sure I could give you a reason not to use the one or the other.  Pick the one you like.19:15
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bwidawskZipCPU› thanks20:14
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