Tuesday, 2019-07-23

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GenTooManyou can do so with 74180 and 74181 eons ago someone made a 16 bit CPU with those as part of the ALU.03:36
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ZirconiumXGenTooMan: the 181 and 182 are obsolete parts07:26
tntSN74ACT8832 :)07:31
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tnt(also obsolete, but damn, that was one hell of a 7400 series chip)07:33
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ZirconiumXHoly crap that *is* one hell of a chip08:59
ZirconiumXtnt: I've never even heard of that chip; TIL09:01
tntI didn't either until I looked at what 74 series chips had ALU in them.09:01
tntyou can still buy it for like 250$ :p09:01
dysceramic-cased ones are twice that :-)09:08
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dysIIRC there's a homebrew-cpu guy out there that built an 32-bit ALU with them in a 32-bit risc design called t-rex09:10
dyshis motivation for going discrete logic was his disgust with the proprietary fpga toolchains09:11
dys<3 yosys09:12
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GenTooManZirconiumX I had no idea they were talking using real chips. :D I believe the 281 is not obsolete but I could be wrong.12:07
ZirconiumXDo you mean the 283?12:08
GenTooManZirconiumX 1 probably (LOL) and 2 apparently the military version of the 181 is still available (shocking) 3 SN74ACT8832 is likely from TI's GPU days in the 90s.12:16
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tntWow, it's amazing that adding a (* keep="true" *) wire, that is _not_ used anywhere actually changes the synthesis result quite a bit.20:51
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