Tuesday, 2019-07-02

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somlodaveshah: I'm going to start bisecting yosys with good=c907899, bad=dd8d264; If you think there's a less labor-intensive way to go about this, please feel free to interrupt me :)12:40
daveshahI think I've found the problem now12:40
daveshahI'll know in a minute12:40
somlooh, cool, thank goodness  :)12:40
somloif/when there's anything I could test, happy to do so12:41
daveshahI didn't finish bisecting, but I got it down to a few commits and I think https://github.com/YosysHQ/yosys/compare/dave/fix_multi_mux should fix at least one bug12:41
tpbTitle: Comparing master...dave/fix_multi_mux · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at github.com)12:41
daveshahJust routing with that fix applied now12:42
daveshahsomlo: Yup, that looks to have fixed it12:45
somloawesome! I just downloaded the patch, building yosys with it now...12:46
ZirconiumXI must not understand SAT very well, because according to Yosys just proved that a design is not equivalent to itself and caused a logic bomb12:48
ZirconiumXs/just/I just/12:48
daveshahProbably related to register initial values12:49
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promachMay I know why https://gist.github.com/promach/ae6d49ebca9b9f209f918622c3b5abe7#file-dff-sby-L10 could only covered 2 steps in gtkwave output ?14:34
tpbTitle: D flip-flop with asynchronous reset · GitHub (at gist.github.com)14:34
daveshahpromach: because you don't constrain the initial DFF state, starting at 1 and then asserting reset in the next cycle is enough to cover it14:36
daveshahnever mind, I misread, you don't even have q in the cover14:37
daveshahso all you are covering is 3 unconstrained inputs and the clock14:37
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promachdaveshah : huh ?14:43
promachI was asking for 30 steps14:44
promachnot just 2 steps14:44
promachwait, I think I got it14:45
ZipCPUpromach: That's not how cover works14:45
promachtry to cover within 30 steps14:45
promachI need to append14:45
ZipCPUThe depth specified for "cover" in the sby file is how many steps the formal tool will search to find a way to make the cover() statement true14:45
ZipCPUappend has a couple problems associated with its usage.  I know one user covered a condition (X), and then appended 30 steps.  He say condition (Y) take place in those 30 steps, yet his cover(Y) statement failed--because it wasn't in the initial depth.14:46
ZipCPUA second problem with "append" is that it tends to set all of the rest of the interaction to something fairly benign and typically useless.14:47
promachcan we combine cover() and assume() ?14:47
ZipCPUYou can.  There are better ways of doing things though.14:48
promachwhat better ways ?14:48
ZipCPUFor example, create a sequence and then cover the 9the step in that sequence: cover(sequence[8]).  If any of what you would assume is ever not the case, reset the sequence.14:48
ZipCPUThat way, you don't need to make assumptions about internal state, and your assumptions won't necessarily impact the rest of your design--just the cover() statement14:49
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promachbut sequence is only supported in the verific version14:50
tpbTitle: Using Sequence Properties to Verify a Serial Port Transmitter (at zipcpu.com)14:50
somlodaveshah: fix confirmed, on yoloRISC and LiteX+Rocket, with and without "-nowidelut -abc9" -- thanks again!14:52
daveshahsomlo: sorry about this, thanks for reporting!14:52
promachZipCPU: the problem is I do not have verific14:54
somlono reason to feel sorry, this is awesome progress -- I can *almost* fit that MMU on the LiteX SoC now :)14:54
ZipCPUpromach: Not at all.  The problem is that you didn't read the article.14:55
promachI am reading14:56
promachI saw  =>14:56
promachwhich is for verific14:56
promachnow, I see   Poor Man’s Sequences14:57
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promachZipCPU: but using poor man method for these few assume() https://gist.github.com/promach/ae6d49ebca9b9f209f918622c3b5abe7#file-dff-v-L31-L49 seems a bit difficult16:13
tpbTitle: D flip-flop with asynchronous reset · GitHub (at gist.github.com)16:13
ZipCPUWhich of those lines is the assumption that's a bit difficult?16:15
promachto put those assume() as a sequence for a single cover()16:16
ZipCPUThen don't16:19
promachZipCPU: I want to emulate https://www.edaplayground.com/x/5dzJ using cover()16:24
tpbTitle: D flip-flop with asynchronous reset(1) - EDA Playground (at www.edaplayground.com)16:25
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