Sunday, 2019-06-30

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pepijndevos_ZirconiumX, going over Farnell to find parts (when will I ever learn to do this before ordering PCBs) it seems like HC is definitely the more most available family as far as I can tell.06:42
pepijndevos_Also... DIP is on the way out, surprise, surprise06:43
pepijndevos_Except for the XOR gate, which they *only* had in AC in DIP. Lots of SOIC adn TSSOP06:45
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pepijndevos_The adder is also... available until they run out of stock. Should have done this stuff a few decades ago...07:11
tntpepijndevos_: any reason you didn't go for soic ?07:15
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ZirconiumXpepijndevos_: for stuff running fast you should generally pick SOIC. It's smaller, so your chips can be denser and have shorter connections between them09:47
corecodehm, -l doesn't write a log file09:57
corecodedid i catch a bad version in between?09:57
corecodeheh i just ran into a bug - i had an empty module, and yosys included it in the json as blackbox module, instead of as empty10:00
corecodeso nextpnr was like "top - i don't know what type of module that is"10:00
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ZipCPUDid you give -l the name of the file to write?11:20
corecodebut i also passed -E11:24
corecodehm, -E leaks error messages into the deps file12:09
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ZirconiumXequiv_opt is confusing me a bit13:55
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pepijndevos_tnt, This thing is going to run a khz speeds so in this case I prefer to use sockets and have easy options for beun fixes. If stuff works, my CPU will deffinitely have SOIC.15:56
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corecodepepijndevos_: what are you working on?  synthesis of cpu into 74 series logic?16:11
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pepijndevos_corecode, exactly16:55
tpbTitle: GitHub - ZirconiumX/74xx-liberty (at
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