Friday, 2019-06-28

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somloany chance to have yosys PR # 1098 rebased against the latest master, and force-pushed? I'm getting merge conflicts, and guessing how to resolve them is a bit above my head :)13:51
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daveshahsomlo: I think Eddie will look at this later. But not seeing any issues merging into master here14:10
somlodaveshah: maybe I'm doing git wrong :) but I cloned yosys, got 74945dd as the latest commit in master14:13
somlothen I "git fetch origin pull/1098/head:foo1098; git checkout foo1098; git rebase master"14:14
somloand got a conflict14:14
daveshahsomlo: A simple merge into master of xaig is fine though14:17
daveshahAny reason for rebasing instead?14:17
somloIt's totally possible that I'm overcomplicating this, but since I've successfulyl built an RPM of the latest master, I wanted to extract a simple 1098 "cumulative" patch to add to the rpm build process :)14:17
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daveshahBecause 1098 has had master merged into it several times, I'm not sure that rebase like that will work14:18
somloi.e., "git diff master > yosys-fedora-1098.patch" or something :)14:18
somlooh well, I can always just grab 1098 itself and build an RPM out of it (with the caveat that I no longer know exactly *what* I'm testing, compared to actual master :)14:19
daveshahcreate a new branch off master, merge xaig into that branch, then diff against master?14:19
somloit's certainly a failing on my part, though, so no sweat :)14:19
somloI'll try that (I'm more or less cargo-culting git, but that last thing you said makes sense, so I'll go do that)14:20
daveshahIn any case, this is the same as what would happen when we merge the pull request (as we merge rather than rebase PRs in Yosys)14:20
somlomakes sense, the more attention I pay to the details :)14:21
somlodaveshah: thanks, that worked (and thanks for the new git "alternate route from a to b" :)14:26
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azonenbergSoo anybody here good with GUI stuff and E&M?17:15
azonenbergi've played around a bunch with OpenEMS and found it pretty much impossible to use, the solver is fine but there's just no tooling or UI that seems reasonable to work with17:15
azonenbergi really don't want to burn $12K on Sonnet (or use proprietary EDA software in general) but i also need to get my work done17:16
azonenbergi would love if somebody made a GUI at that level, or even remotely close, around the OpenEMS solver17:16
azonenbergis that something folks are interested in / able to contribute to?17:17
cr1901azonenberg: okay w/ the GUI stuff... I could relearn the E&M stuff... but... I've been unwell17:42
sorearI would love an excuse to learn more FEM but I am extremely not in a position to commit time17:46
sorearProbably should ask what platform you want supported17:46
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kristianpaul*spam* does the CE40HX8K have 1V8 IO *spam* ?18:41
tntkristianpaul: yes18:41
tntkristianpaul: (welll assuming you power one of the io bank with 1v8 ...)18:42
kristianpauloh thats tricky for my setup... , but thank you for pointing it18:42
tntthat's pretty much like any other fpga, you need the io bank to be powered to the voltage you want to use.18:44
sorearI'd be surprised if there's an exception.  there needs to be a rail somewhere to reference logic highs too18:45
sorearit'd be Bad if the FPGA tried to synthesize its own "1V8" reference, wound up slightly higher than the "1V8" on the board, and drove a steady-state current through the nearest protection diode18:46
tntsorear: well diodes have drops, you'd need it to be more than slightly higher :p18:47
tnt(I mean, point-of-load / local regulation on board is a thing with several chips using different Vio regulators talking to each other)18:48
daveshahThe ECP5 allows 1.2V inputs (but not outputs) with any bank Vcc19:02
daveshahPowered by core Vcc19:02
kristianpaulI want that ;)19:07
benreynwarZipCPU, daveshah:  Thanks for the tips yesterday.  I ended up making two modifications to to get things working.  I had to add a "flatten" stage, otherwise the unused logic within a submodule wasn't removed during optimization, and I had to add the "-purge" argument after "opt_clean" to get rid of all the unused nets.  The end result was to decrease the size of the smt2 file from 20MBi down to 5 MBi, and the time19:10
benreynwarto write out the VCD file from over an hour, down to 2 s.  I still don't understand why it was taking so long before, but  it's working well now.19:10
ZipCPUbenreynwar: You might find that those changes are better made within your sby file19:11
ZipCPUThey can be placed into the [script] section, right after the prep command19:11
benreynwarZipCPU: That sounds much more sensible!  I'll move them over.19:12
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