Sunday, 2019-06-23

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azonenbergZirconiumX: down the road i want to build a 2-way superscalar, hyperthreaded rv32i core to see how fast i can push it00:13
azonenbergin-order though, i'm not trying to be BOOM00:13
azonenbergi also want to try to build something tiny and size optimized a la picorv32, maybe even start with the picorv32 design, but hand tune it with RPMs to try and squeeze the max clock rate and least area i can out of it00:14
ZirconiumXazonenberg: I think there's potential in a very wide in-order core, akin to what Nvidia are trying with Carmel.00:14
azonenbergSo, i have another design that isnt riscv based that i want to get back to00:15
ZirconiumXI presume you've heard of SERV00:15
azonenbergit's 3 IPC VLIW but all instructions are ternary and the pipeline is Y-shaped00:15
azonenbergspecifically meant for cryptographic code00:15
azonenbergno integers, possibly not even arbitrary branching00:15
azonenbergit's meant to be a black box sitting between a tcp/ip stack and application layer, or similar00:16
azonenbergbut trying to be agile enough that you can load new algorithms in the future rather than being tied to e.g. AES00:16
azonenbergand with guaranteed single cycle execution of all instruction, no caches, no timing side channels00:16
azonenbergdedicated rom/ram for instructions, memory mapped fifo for tx/rx data, constant storage/sbox rom, and scratchpad for temporary state00:17
azonenbergBasically there's three ALUs that each do r32 op r32 op imm3200:17
azonenbergexcept the third one operates on the output of the first two, instead of registers00:17
azonenbergso you only need one regfile write port despite doing 3 or 5 IPC (depending on if you count a ternary operation as one or two "instructions")00:18
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ZirconiumXCPU architecture is a very interesting thing00:20
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azonenberg_mobilinteresting indeed01:16
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trmmback on the LPF versus parameters in the verilog; which one wins? if the LPF has a drive strength or slew rate, can the verilog override it?09:41
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ZirconiumXRight, I *believe* I have a live value table implementation11:49
ZirconiumXOr at least part of one11:53
ZirconiumXIs it preferable to use symbiyosys or yosys-smtbmc?12:07
ZirconiumX(maybe a question for ZipCPU)12:07
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ZipCPUIt's much simpler than yosys-smtbmc, gives you access to more solvers, and handles formats and format conversions for you12:32
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maikmertenmy HX8K dev board keeps growing wings:
tpbTitle: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (at
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* ZirconiumX sighs20:39
ZirconiumXI really don't understand formal methods20:40
ZirconiumXI've read a lot of articles on it20:40
ZirconiumXBut I just don't 'get' it20:40
ZirconiumXI can't even prove that after reset my program counter points to the reset address20:41
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ZirconiumXpepijndevos: you ever looked at bit-serial architecture?21:03
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