Thursday, 2019-06-13

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hcaI seem to be having trouble using $changed with symbiyosys. The documentation indicates that it should work, but using it results in "ERROR: Can't resolve function name `\$changed'". Latest commit @1402969a.17:09
ZipCPUhca: That's one of the few pieces of code I wrote myself.  ;)17:10
ZipCPUCan you share any more about what's going on?17:10
ZipCPUOh, your yosys version should help too17:10
ZipCPURemember, SymbiYosys is just a front-end for Yosys17:10
hcaAh, I'm not seeing 'changed' or 'rose' grepping in symbiyosys, so maybe yosys is the right place to start looking.17:12
ZipCPUWant to know the file to find it in?17:13
hcaIn that case, I grabbed 0.8 from
ZipCPUYou might find the bleeding edge a bit better.  I'm not certain.  I just keep watching bugs getting reported and fixed, and new features added.17:14
hcaI see your !644, which was applied in @62424. It looks like it's not tagged yet.17:16
hcaThanks @ZipCPU. I switched to master, which cleared up the issue with $changed.17:46
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ZipCPUhca: Glad to help!18:07
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_vincewow popular channel23:11
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