Tuesday, 2019-06-11

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promachFor https://www.diffchecker.com/xqCravG1#right-2 , why do I have the following error ?08:51
promachsmt2: ERROR: Unsupported cell type $dlatch for cell $paramod\arbiter\WIDTH=2.$auto$proc_dlatch.cc:409:proc_dlatch$11745.08:51
daveshahpromach: you have an inferred latch08:52
daveshahIf neither if statement is reached, base is not set08:52
daveshahYou should either go back to a clocked always or add a default value for base08:52
promachbut I do not want to use 'initial' statement08:52
daveshahIf you *really* need the latch then you'll have to put multiclock on08:53
promachwait, why 'multiclock on' ?08:53
daveshahDefault value refers to a default value in the always block, not an initial value08:53
daveshahBecause latches are asynchronous, anything async needs multiclock on08:53
promachbut how to set 'default value in the always block' ?08:53
daveshahAdd an else clause; or set base at the top before the if statement08:54
promachhow to 'set base at the top before the if statement' ?08:54
daveshahJust add base = 0; or whatever before the line if(reset || first_clock_passed) base = 1;08:55
promachthanks daveshah08:56
promachadd base = 0; or whatever before the line if(reset || first_clock_passed) base = 1;     will make the logic working incorrect though08:57
daveshahIf you want base to keep its last value, then you'll want to use a clocked always block08:58
daveshahIn an always @* you should always be setting base to something regardless of the inputs08:59
daveshahOtherwise you get an inferred latch, which is likely to cause timing issues and other annoyances in hardware08:59
promachok, I switched to  always @*   due to issues outside of this module09:00
tntand do you have any idea what this does ?09:02
promachcombinational circuit09:02
promacha lot of timing issues09:03
tntNow try to draw that comb circuit you're asking for on paper with gates without loops ...09:05
promachwhat loops ?09:09
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