Saturday, 2019-06-08

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corecodehm why does this very simple counter design simulate, but when i upload it to the fpga, i don't see any motion09:00
corecodemaybe hfosc stuck?09:03
tnt"this" ?09:06
tnta link is missing maybe ?09:06
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tpbTitle: counter.v · GitHub (at
corecodethe fpga clearly gets configured, leds start lighting up09:10
tntDo you see nenable go high then low ?09:11
corecodeyea, but that might be the pullup09:13
corecodeexternal pullup09:13
tntalso, as a general recommendation, I'd make the reset be a FF output and not a combinatorial signal.09:13
corecodeoh yes09:14
corecodegood point09:14
tntI was mostly concerned with it being stuck high but if you see it go low when running that's fine.09:14
corecodesomehow all outputs seem to go low09:17
corecode better?09:18
tpbTitle: counter.v · GitHub (at
corecodeoh, maybe programming the fpga fails09:21
corecodenow it works09:25
corecodebut i had to disconnect the irq pin that was connected to cdone09:26
corecodemaybe my programmer never sees cdone rise because irq is being pulled down?09:26
corecodebut the irq pin is declared as inout... shouldn't that remain as 'z' if i don't do anything?09:26
corecodeah i guess i need to instantiate an explicit IO cell for the open drain output09:29
corecodeERROR:       Unknown fixed type wire node value, 'z'09:31
corecodesays nextpnr09:31
corecode        "irq": {09:34
corecode          "direction": "inout",09:34
corecode          "bits": [ "z" ]09:34
corecode        },09:34
corecodethat seems wrong09:34
tntAnything that involves tristate I always instantiate SB_IO09:40
corecodei wonder why the inference doesn't work09:41
corecodedo we have formal documentation of the primitives, or is the vendor documentation the reference?09:46
tntthe vendor doc is the reference09:49
corecodethanks tnt, that helped me09:58
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corecodei guess i need to implement SB_RGB_DRV for the ice40 ultra13:46
corecodei think i skipped that the last time13:46
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rrikahello, is there a way for the nextpnr gui to load config files produced by ecpunpack?18:35
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daveshahNo, afraid there isn't18:42
daveshahNever got round to doing netlist re for ecp518:42
cr1901... shit, I just realized this is going to be hell for machxo2 too...18:44
tntcr1901: ?18:45
cr1901tiles in machxo2 are very similar in structure to ecp5, but naming of nets and tiles (on the edges and between parts of different sizes) are less well-behaved than ecp518:46
rrikadaveshah, thanks for the answer!18:47
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