Saturday, 2019-05-18

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tntAny verilog semantics expert in the audience ?13:46
tpbTitle: VexRiscv-Min variant misbheaving · Issue #7 · m-labs/VexRiscv-verilog · GitHub (at
tntIs the simulator wrong, or is this unspecified ...13:46
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emebThat's a tricky one.13:55
tntif it was obvious, I wouldn't be asking :P13:56
emebOf course!13:57
emebDigging around in my copy of Thomas & Moorby doesn't give any good insight into this.14:20
emeb(Of course it's not the greatest reference on Verilog, but they did create the language...)14:21
tntYeah I tried reading the specs and ... I'm really not more informed than before either :p14:37
emebI found a SNUG paper by Sutherland from long ago that looked like it might have some insight, but no...14:52
ZipCPUI just looked through the issue and I'm struggling to understand the core of the issue14:55
ZipCPUIs there a statement misbehaving?  Or a question of Verilog?14:55
tntZipCPU: If you look at the screenshot you'll see the _halt signal is '1'.   But if you look at the verilog, you might expect it to be '0'.14:57
tntAnd that's because in the verilog process it sets IBusSimplePlugin_cmd_valid to 0 after it was evaluated and caused IBusSimplePlugin_iBusRsp_stages_0_halt to be '1'. And iverilog apparently doesn't re-run that process after.14:58
ZipCPUIs that because cmd_valid and _halt are set in the same blcok?14:58
tntyes. if you split them or if you set _valid at the beginning, it works as expected.14:58
ZipCPUSo ... isn't that how simulation is supposed to work though?  The blocking statements in the always block get executed in order, and you (the designer) are supposed to handle any dependencies14:59
emebProbably a red herring, but I'm bothered by a combinatorial process that modifies a signal based on the state of that signal. Seems like that's ripe for zero-delay feedback problems.15:00
tntthat's the question ...15:00
tntemeb: well valid doesn't depend on valid.15:00
ZipCPUI've seen several examples of what would otherwise be combinatorial processes placed together into one, and so declared as no longer feedback loops15:00
ZipCPUSo, if you have two signals whose dependencies intertwine, and you place them within the sample always @(*) block, you (as the engineer) are supposed to deconflict the dependencies with the order of the statements15:01
ZipCPUThe simulator trusts you (the engineer) to have sorted our the dependencies15:01
emebtnt: oh - misread that then.15:02
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