Thursday, 2019-05-02

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ZirconiumXSo I found a Yosys bug, and bisected it to git commit e158ea20, but don't know how to minimise Verilog (I'm new to HDL)14:54
daveshahDo you have any idea where the bug is happening?15:03
ZirconiumXLet me just submit my bug report15:04
tpbTitle: Infinite loop while synthesizing for iCE40 · Issue #981 · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at
ZirconiumXAn MCVE it is not, but I'm hoping it's a start15:05
daveshahThese kinds of bugs tend to be alright to solve without minimal code (stuff like sim/synthesis mismatches are where minimal examples are really needed)15:06
ZirconiumXThe git bisect commit looks odd to me; that's a logging commit15:09
daveshahYeah that's what I'm trying to work out15:09
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tpbTitle: bisect.txt · GitHub (at
ZirconiumXHere's the bisect log15:12
ZirconiumXdaveshah: let me know if there's anything I can do15:13
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alcorn^^ in answer to my previous question, here is how you can setup Yosys to be used as a library:
tpbTitle: How to use Yosys as a library - (at

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