Monday, 2019-04-29

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bwidawskIs there anyone actively using yosys with intel/altera?20:48
ZipCPUI'm not sure about "actively", but what are you looking for?20:49
ZipCPUI've got one design that's close to being able to work with Yosys20:49
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bwidawskZipCPU: I'm just trying to understand a bit what's missing from the intel toolchain (I work for Intel and am a software dev just trying to figure out how things can be made better, if at all)22:35
bwidawsklike, if one wanted to not use quartus...22:36
bwidawskI was surprised to see synth_intel was even available22:38
bwidawskthough I also don't quite grok the differences the underlying hardware makes at the netlist level22:38
sorearwell if you tried to do synth_ecp5 you'd have a bad time because it would generate a netlist containing 4-LUTs and Lattice specific carry chain etc details22:40
sorearI don't think anyone who actively uses synth_intel is active on IRC; I haven't heard much about it one way or another22:40
elmsbwidawsk: I haven't heard of any work on opening the steps after synthesis. So you would still need to use vendor tools for place and route and bitstream generation.23:01
elmsbwidawsk: There is at least some recent contributions
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ZipCPUbwidawsk: I have used synth_intel23:17
ZipCPUThe path is to use synth_intel to create a vqm file, and then feed the vqm file to Quartus23:18
ZipCPU(There is no current open PNR for Intel devices)23:18
ZipCPUI have a project that is close to being ready,
tpbTitle: GitHub - ZipCPU/arrowzip: A ZipCPU based demonstration of the MAX1000 FPGA board (at
ZipCPUThe problem I've had working with it is that I need a variety of hardware specific modules: primarily ODDR and PLL23:19
ZipCPUThese modules aren't well documented, if at all23:20
ZipCPUSpecifically, you need to figure out how to use: fiftyfivenm_io_obuf fiftyfivenm_io_ibuf fiftyfivenm_ff fiftyfive_ddio_out and fiftyfivenm_pll23:21
ZipCPUI think I'm close, but got distracted before being able to push the design across the finish line23:21
ZipCPU(It currently works without Yosys, just not with)23:21
bwidawskwell, I'm still very much in the learning and exploratory stage, so mostly just trying to figure out what's missing and if it's something we should look into doing23:22
bwidawskif there's nice easy ways to get started with contributing, I'd love to (I spent most of my career working on linux graphics drivers, so this is quite a departure)23:22
ZipCPUThis work is nearly all software work23:22
ZipCPUAt least .... to get this design to work, it'd be all software work23:23
ZipCPUThe hardware involved is pretty inexpensive as well at $3023:23
bwidawskZipCPU: so this is using quartus lite, I guess?23:24
bwidawskZipCPU: okay, if you want to spend a few minutes giving a little write up of what needs doing, I can look. I'd like to get my feet wet with something tractable23:26
bwidawskalso, just curious are you programming the FPGA with the newish stuff that will land in linux 5.2?23:27
bwidawskor using the closed drivers?23:27
ZipCPUThis particular device I have programmed using libxsvf, since the Trenz drivers weren't working when I purchased my device23:28
ZipCPUSo, here's the good news: all of the files Yosys works with are text files23:28
ZipCPUThat includes the VQM file23:28
ZipCPUIt's somewhat legible--there's no control codes, it's a file that describes structures, wires, and how they connect23:29
ZipCPUIf you stare at it for a bit, you might get an idea23:29
ZipCPUHowever, my wife just got home from a week out of town, so ... if you'll excuse me, can I get back to you later?23:29
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