Wednesday, 2019-04-17

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tntDoes yosys support vectors of > 256 bits ?19:29
LaksenI would be worried something was very wrong if it doesn't :)19:35
tntverilog specs says support for larger vectors isn't mandatory ...19:36
daveshahPretty sure I've seen them working before19:40
ZipCPUI just ran some 1024pt vectors through SymbiYosys the other day, so that sounds like they'd work19:55
tntok nice. I know I had issue with iverilog IIRC.19:56
tntbut maybe I had screwed up something ...19:56
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FL4SHKtnt:  I've used 256-bit vectors in iverilog23:34
FL4SHKI didn't know it couldn't handle longer ones.23:34
FL4SHK(the project I did for my master's degree was a CPU with 256-bit long registers)23:35

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