Saturday, 2019-03-30

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janrinzeZipCPU: Apparently it's not possible to read the flash chip from the up5k on the upduino v2. attaching an extra flash chip to gpio worked, can be read.14:03
ZipCPUWierd.  Never would've expected that.14:03
janrinzeZipCPU: i mean the up5k cannot read the flash chip on the upduino v2 board14:03
janrinzeyup.. very strange..14:03
ZipCPUStill ... wouldn't have expected it ... at all14:04
janrinzepossibly the ftdi chip holds one of the pins14:04
ZipCPUIndeed, I find that kind of surprising.  Disappointing too.14:04
ZipCPUYou should be able to see any FTDI interference on the schematic14:04
janrinzetrue, i have a bootloader that cpoies flash to spram. works on the eval board but not on the upduino.14:04
ZipCPUAre you working with a CPU?  Which one?14:05
ZipCPU(You had mentioned "bootloader" ....)14:05
ZipCPU(I guess "bootloader" could also mean an FPGA configuration that loads another configuration ....)14:06
janrinzeyes, i have a 16 bit RISC. Designed it long time ago but now runs on up5k too14:06
ZipCPUSo ... if you can't use the flash, how will you load it?14:06
janrinzethinking about modifying the bootloader to load from spi SDcard14:07
ZipCPUHow much memory do you have to work with?14:07
janrinzeon the eval board it properly loads the 128KB from the flash.14:07
janrinzeup5k has 128KB spram.14:08
ZipCPUOk .... that's better than the 8kB BRAM on the *x8ks14:08
janrinzeunfortunately it's not possible to initialize it14:08
janrinze8kB? i thought it was 16KB14:09
ZipCPUHow will you read from the SD card without instructions?14:09
ZipCPU(It is 16kB, but .... little things here and there chip away at it, so that the best usable amount you'll end up with for a CPU is only ever 8kB)14:09
janrinzeZipCPU: exactly.. need to build a state machine for init and load the proper sectors to the memory14:10
ZipCPUEver worked with an SD card before?14:10
janrinzein software over SPI .. 6502 :-) usually there are plenty sdcard libraries now so i never bothered re-doing it14:11
ZipCPUSure, I get that, but the start up sequence for an SD card is rather intense14:12
ZipCPUCan I offer you an SD-card SPI simulator?14:12
ZipCPU(Works with Verilator ...)14:12
ZipCPUCheck out
tpbTitle: sdspi/bench/cpp at master · ZipCPU/sdspi · GitHub (at
janrinzeOld SDcards are very forgiving. so i tend to stick with the 256MB or 512MB ones.14:13
ZipCPUThere's also an SD-card SPI core in there as well, although .... I'm not sure it would fit your needs14:13
ZipCPUYou're welcome to check it out if you would like14:13
ZipCPUIt was one of my cores from before I started formally verifying things14:13
ZipCPUI'm not going to claim it's low logic at all either ....14:14
janrinzeI think I will try to implement the conversion of the 6502 code to a state machine. Or I can put the bootloader as software in BRAM..14:14
ZipCPUYou can also find an example C-program that calls the controller and sets up the SD card here:
tpbTitle: zbasic/sdtest.c at master · ZipCPU/zbasic · GitHub (at
ZipCPUSoftware in startup BRAM might work14:15
ZipCPUThat might even be your best bet too14:15
janrinzetrue.. and just do sdcard bitbang in sw14:16
ZipCPULooks like my own SD card S/W is way over bloated, coming in at about 64kB.  I'm betting most of that is because it's  using the C-library14:17
janrinzevery possible.14:18
ZipCPUThe "main" program itself is only about 4096kB, so that's starting to look a bit more realistic for something you might do.14:18
tntjanrinze: did you wake up the flash ?14:28
tntjanrinze: the ice40 issues a deep-sleep command to the flash after config is done by default.14:28
ZipCPUtnt: You'd think iceprog would know about that and wake it up thoguh14:30
tntoh, when I read "s not possible to read the flash chip from the up5k", I thought it was about a spi core inside the fabric of the fpga once configured ... to initialize SPRAM for instance.14:31
tntnot anything to do with iceprog14:31
ZipCPUtnt: That was my first thought as well14:31
janrinzetnt: reading from the flash chip by the up5k might be hampered if deep sleep is issued.14:34
tntwell yeah ... it doesn't work ...14:34
tnt(unless the flash chip doesn't implement deepsleep)14:34
janrinzetnt: still does not explain why the eval board has no trouble to read from the flash14:35
tntas I just said ... maybe the flash chip there doesn't implement deep sleep14:35
janrinzetnt: okay.. so what's a quick test here?14:36
tntwhen converting from .asc to .bin with icepack you can use the -s option14:36
janrinzetnt: the flash chips are different on the two boards14:36
tntthis disables the final deep-sleep commands.14:37
janrinzetnt: Duh!.. works!14:44
janrinzetnt: silly me.. never thought of that..14:44
ZipCPUWow ... that makes things *much* easier, now, doesn't it?  Thanks, tnt!14:45
janrinzeSo in simple terms, different flash chip that DOES support deep sleep. Nice.14:45
ZipCPUSee ... that's the hard part about building any "universal" QSPI flash support ... the standard is anything bug14:47
janrinzetnt: super!! thanks! this has been bugging me for days.14:47
tntjanrinze: yeah, I got bit by that too ... I had to dig up the logic analyzer to see wtf was going on to finally find out that the deep sleep command was being issued :p14:51
janrinzeZipCPU: the demo I am building includes a BASIC interpreter. Can do GPIO from BASIC :-) Any SDcard over SPI in BASIC? ;-)14:52
ZipCPUDon't see why not, I just don't have any examples using BASIC14:52
ZipCPUJust thinking about it ... my controller responds to 32-bit words.  That might not work in a 16-bit environment very well.  (The sim should still work tho)14:53
* cr1901_modern was the one who added the "-s" option to icepack14:54
cr1901_modernso technically, I RE'd exactly one bit in Project Icestorm :D14:54
janrinzecr1901_modern: thanks! would not have been able to fix this issue without it.14:54
cr1901_modernYw :). I lost an interesting amount of time to the lack of deep sleep myself in late 201714:55
janrinzecr1901_modern: sounds awfully familiar..14:56
cr1901_modernNobody needed it then, and since clifford was at a conference I just dl'd icecube and did it myself... really, I just think it's funny that I RE'd one single bit :P14:56
janrinzecr1901_modern: it's not about the amount of bits but the added functionality it gives. Very good catch!14:57
janrinzeam i the only one who tries to hit tab for word completion when typing at IRC? :-)14:58
ZipCPUMaybe.  I certainly don't use any word completion15:03
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