Wednesday, 2019-03-27

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bpyeZipCPU: Thank you! That totally explains it02:08
bpyeWell, totally enough, I couldn't work out where the illegal state was coming from myself02:08
emeb_macok, that makes sense. I was kind of bothered by having the assertion inside the if(i_clk_en) but I couldn't really say why.02:13
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ZipCPUbpye: I like to use the following rule: if the induction trace doesn't look right from time step 0 to N-1, then you are missing an assertion.  Otherwise you have a logic bug02:34
ZipCPU(You could also have an assertion bug at that last time step too ...)02:35
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janrinzehi there, does anyone know where the icosoc.h definitions for icosoc_sdcard_cs() and such are? the reference comes from icotools/icosoc/examples/sdcard/main.c11:34
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keesjsounds like something that needs to be generated hence I would expect in the generate header12:40
tpbTitle: icotools/ at master · cliffordwolf/icotools · GitHub (at
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