Thursday, 2019-03-21

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emebtnt: when I built the riscv gcc toolchains there were 4 different ones created riscv32 [i, ic, im, icm] - which is the right one to use?00:16
emebhmm... your makefile asks for riscv-none-embed with -march=rv32i so I assume that's not the same toolchain as clifford originally was using for his picoRV32 stuff which was all based on the riscv32-unknown-elf stuff00:27
emebI'll try just changing $(CROSS) to point to my riscv32i stuff00:30
emebseems to have built. loaded the bitstream and firmware into the flash and the thing configures OK00:41
emebwhat's the uart baudrate?00:41
emebah - 1Mbps00:43
emebgetting the Command prompt00:44
emebok - "r" command starts USB and I get enumeration on my PC00:44
emebso - seems your stuff works on my board00:45
emeblots of [!] Got SETUP while busy !?? - I assume that's just because it's not fully finished.00:47
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emeb_macpushed new video stuff ->
tpbTitle: GitHub - emeb/up5k_basic: A small 6502 system with MS BASIC in ROM (at
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tntemeb_mac: so it enumerated ?06:24
tntemeb_mac: mmm, that message is actaully an error, it shouldn't happen.06:24
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emeb_mactnt: it seems to have enumerated - happy seeming messages in the Linux syslog06:29
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emeb_macthat's a lot further than I got with the tinyfpga bootloader on the same hardware06:33
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tntemeb_mac: if you do a lsusb -v -d 1d50:e1e1   does it show all the fields or does it show any error ?06:44
emeb_mactnt: tried starting up again on another machine and it's not spewing those errors. lsusb seems to show all the fields.06:49
emeb_macso - must have been some kind of fluke / intermittent thing.06:49
tntpossible. I don't actually detect/take into account usb reset at the moment so it might have been in a weird state at the beginning.06:50
emeb_machere's the output:
tpbTitle: $ lsusb -v -d 1d50:e1e1 Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1d50:e1e1 OpenMoko, Inc. Co - (at
emeb_macpossibly some missing stuff06:51
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emeb_mac(according to msg at top)06:51
tntOh you need sudo06:51
tpbTitle: Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1d50:e1e1 OpenMoko, Inc. Device Descriptor: bLength - (at
emeb_macno err at top, but errs at bottom now06:53
tntYeah those are 'expected'. It just doesn't support those features (and that's perfectly fine according to specs, they are not mandatory).06:55
tntNice. Now just need to implement DFU to make it do something useful :p06:56
emeb_macsweet - nice to see that it's working. Also nice confirmation that my board supports USB.06:56
emeb_macit's all just software now - easy. :P06:57
tntWell ... I need an SPI controller.07:00
tntBut I think I'll use the hard IP for this.07:00
tntThe hard IP interface is wishbone like, so it's pretty easy to connec to the picrorv32.07:00
emeb_macSounds fun - I've never heard of anyone actually using those hard IP SPI / I2C cores07:01
emeb_macis that because the current SPI flash interface is read-only?07:02
tntyeah and it's not even accessible by the picorv32. Basically once the pll locks, a small state machine copies 32k of the flash to one one the SPRAM block, then releases the reset of the picrorv32 and it boots from that SPRAM.07:03
emeb_macah, ok - I hadn't studied it.07:04
tntI'm wondering if plugging my hdmi video core into the 6502 would be doable.07:08
emeb_macthat'd be interesting07:08
tntProbably need some 'paging' mechanism because (1) it expects a 16 bits data bus,  (2) it has a 48k address space :p07:09
emeb_maca bit of glue - easy to add07:09
emeb_macbedtime - gn07:10
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somlodaveshah: can you rebase PR 219 to the new nextpnr master? (getting a merge conflict in common/
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emebtnt: looking at the SB_SPI documentation from Lattice - cute how they don't actually provide a register map for it.15:58
emeb(until you go to the 3rd level "advanced" document)16:00
emebWas thinking of hooking that up to the 6502 - would require building a wishbone master for the 6502 and using the RDY line to stall the CPU during the transaction.16:10
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tntemeb: you can also consider a non-transparent bridge.17:35
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janrinzedaveshah: does the recent changes in nextpnr mean that inout can be used on pins now without specific SB_IO stuff?20:41
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