Sunday, 2019-03-17

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kraiskilCan anyone point me to a "hello world" example project that uses icestorm & next-pnr? All I can find is yosys/icestorm/arachne-pnr examples.16:36
kraiskilUsing next-pnr as a drop-in replacement for arachne-pnr doesn't seem to work even after modifying the command line options - should it? Or should I as end-user just use arachne-pnr for now?16:37
tpbTitle: picorv32/Makefile at master · cliffordwolf/picorv32 · GitHub (at
daveshahnextpnr is not a drop in replacement16:42
daveshahIt has a totally different set of options - use --help16:42
daveshahIt also needs a JSON file rather than BLIF from Yosys - use synth_ice40 -json rather than -blif16:42
tpbTitle: GitHub - icebreaker-fpga/icebreaker-examples: This repository contains small example designs that can be used with the open source icestorm flow. (at
kraiskildaveshah, ha - I'd missed that blif vs json thingy. (wait - is this json as in Java script object notation?)16:47
kraiskiltnt, thanks :)16:48
tpbTitle: Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite :: Command Reference :: write_json (at
daveshahIs the syntax16:48
kraiskilOk, got past that hurdle :) But seems the .pcf file syntax has changed too? Or do I just have a bad .pcf to start with?16:51
tntpcf syntax is the same AFAIK16:53
tntpastebin your pcf ?16:54
tpbTitle: TinyFPGA-BX/pins.pcf at master · tinyfpga/TinyFPGA-BX · GitHub (at
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tntLooks fine to me, what's the error ?16:58
kraiskil  File "pins.pcf", line 4117:00
kraiskil    set_io --warn-no-port PIN_1 A217:00
kraiskil                              ^17:00
kraiskilSyntaxError: invalid syntax17:00
tntThat ... looks like a python error.17:01
daveshahI think you are missing a --pcf17:01
daveshah--warn-no-port is now deprecated (it's the default, use -nowarn if you don't want a warning at all), but should be ignored happily17:02
kraiskilthe next-pnr cmd line is:17:23
kraiskil nextpnr-ice40 --lp8k --package cm81 --pcf pins.pcf pins.pcf top.json17:23
kraiskiltook me this long to spot the error :D17:24
kraiskilso, the correct next-pnr line is:17:29
kraiskilnextpnr-ice40 --lp8k --package cm81 --pcf  pins.pcf top.json --asc top.asc17:29
tntlooks about right17:29
daveshah--json top.json17:29
kraiskilbut no "top.asc" is produced?17:29
tntoh yeah --json17:29
kraiskilhehe - and now a top.asc is produced :p17:29
tntI'm not even sure why it accepts positional argumentS ?17:29
kraiskilthe coolness of a tool is related to its learning curve? :p17:31
tntwell so far it's really just reading the -h output, not exactly rocket science.17:31
kraiskilanyways, I got my .bin now. Next up, find my board and try to flash it :) Thanks all for the help17:33
kraiskil(also, why are there at least three flashing tools for Lattice - not including Lattice's own - out there. Is anyone working on unifying these?)17:34
tntkraiskil: 3 ?17:36
MoeIcenowyto be honest, I use flashrom for my board ;-)17:37
tntkraiskil: there is iceprog which is the 'standard' stuff using the ftdi chips connected the same way as the official boards.  Then tinyfpga has its own stuff because it has a 'bootloader' thing which is completely specific to tinyfpga.17:38
kraiskiliceprog, iceburn, tinyprog17:38
kraiskilok, I haven't looked into all this yet :)17:38
tntOh yeah, iceburn ... but that one is pretty much the same as iceprog function wise, it doesn't have any advantage other than being python only.17:39
kraiskilheh - tinyprog fails to program the board. Ohwell, this I leave for another time :D17:56
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