Tuesday, 2019-03-12

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MoeIcenowyyosys optimized out my SB_HFOSC06:52
MoeIcenowyand then because clock is missing it optimized out the whole design06:53
MoeIcenowyoh I forgot to remove PLL locked signal from reset logic06:54
MoeIcenowyit's weird that Verilog allows wires to be used without definition06:54
MoeIcenowyoh HFOSC with CLKHF_DIV defined cannot be used by nextonr06:55
MoeIcenowynextpnr *06:55
MoeIcenowyERROR: expected configuration string starting with '0b' for parameter 'CLKHF_DIV' on cell 'hfosc_OSC'06:56
MoeIcenowy(I referred "iCE40 Oscillator Usage Guide" for configuration)06:56
MoeIcenowyI tried to change the value of CLKHF_DIV from 2'b10 to "0b10"06:58
MoeIcenowyit seems to work06:58
MoeIcenowybut is not following the Lattice guide06:58
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tntMoeIcenowy: `default_nettype none08:51
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corecodeMoeIcenowy: it is following exactly the lattice docs12:58
MoeIcenowycorecode: I don't think specify parameter as "0b10" correct13:47
MoeIcenowythe doc uses "Defparam OSCInst0.CLKHF_DIV = 2’b00;"13:48
MoeIcenowyWhen I specify it with #(.CLKHF_DIV(2'b10), the json specifies `"parameters": { "CLKHF_DIV": 2 }`13:51
MoeIcenowywhen I use `#(.CLKHF_DIV("0b10"))` (which works now)13:51
MoeIcenowy`"parameters": { "CLKHF_DIV": "0b10" }`13:51
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tntMoeIcenowy: lots of lattic IP actually use this weird 'number in string' notation.14:19
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tntexamples files in icecube 2 use it for HFOSC as well.14:21
tntso does their own simulation model : https://pastebin.com/BByG28FZ14:21
tpbTitle: //-------------------------------------- // ---- SB_HFOSC ------ //--------- - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)14:21
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daveshahAnyone who happens to be in the London area on 21st March, https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fpga-hardware-and-tooling-past-present-and-future-open-source-sg-registration-5842956540314:29
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MoeIcenowytnt: so the document doesn't match iCECube2?15:31
MoeIcenowynow I can say Lattice is the worst FPGA vendor outside China that I have seen15:35
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tntMoeIcenowy: well, it might just be that icecube2 accpets both format ... I didn't check.15:38
emebtnt: did something silly last night - modified that up5k 6502 project by adding an old 8kB BASIC in ROM. Running ancient MS BASIC on an FPGA is kind of a hoot.15:40
shaprwhoa cool15:46
tntemeb: :)15:48
tntyou don't have a video out on your board ?15:48
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emebtnt: not yet - I ordered some connectors yesterday though so it's in process.16:03
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shapremeb: I want to see your ancient BASIC on FPGA16:42
emebshapr: I can github it if you like16:46
shaprI don't have up5k, only ice40 chips hanging around16:48
emebshouldn't be too hard to tweak it for others - just needs a few kB RAM and 12kB ROM.16:49
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maikmertenice40 in hx8k flavor has 16 kB of BRAM16:59
emebShould be fine.16:59
maikmertenso 12kB of ROM leaves 4kB for other stuff16:59
emebit doesn't actually even need that 4kB of bootrom - that's just how I currently have it partitioned. only really needs 8kB for BASIC and another 512B or so for the startup & serial interface routines.17:00
emebWow - recently upgraded my Fedora system to F29 and now I can't compile nextpnr17:11
emebseems that it's looking for Python 3.6 but F29 has 3.717:11
emebprobably something going on with the cmake cache. need to blow away and start from scratch I guess17:13
emebthat did it17:18
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emebshapr: here's the github project w/ 6502 + MS BASIC -> https://github.com/emeb/up5k_basic17:37
tpbTitle: GitHub - emeb/up5k_basic: A small 6502 system with MS BASIC in ROM (at github.com)17:37
MoeIcenowybut I think MS BASIC has copyright problem...18:02
emebOf course it does18:03
emebOTOH there are many other projects that reproduce various old ROMs and they don't have troubles.18:04
emeband if anyone complains I'll remove the .hex file and provide instructions on how to recreate it.18:05
emebAnd for what it's worth, MS did release the assembly source code for this old 6502 BASIC a few years ago so I suspect they're not too concerned about it any longer.18:07
sorearso when do we get https://github.com/Microsoft/MS-DOS/tree/master/v2.0 for BASIC18:07
tpbTitle: MS-DOS/v2.0 at master · Microsoft/MS-DOS · GitHub (at github.com)18:07
MoeIcenowyemeb: are you sure it's official release?18:12
MoeIcenowyThe MS-DOS 2.0 is a official release with open-source license18:13
MoeIcenowyoh the microsoft basic source is not official18:14
tntIt's on github.com/Microsoft ...18:16
tntand they own github.18:16
tntoh nm, that link is not the basic18:16
tpbTitle: GitHub - brajeshwar/Microsoft-BASIC-for-6502-Original-Source-Code-1978: This is the original 1978 source code of Microsoft BASIC for 6502 with all original comments, documentation and easter eggs. (at github.com)18:17
emebbeen sitting there in full view for 4 years.18:17
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MoeIcenowynobody cares it won't mean it's legal18:18
MoeIcenowyin US these source code can only get legalized at 209818:19
MoeIcenowy(can you live so long? ;-)18:20
tntI'm not in the US :p18:20
MoeIcenowythen it will better18:20
MoeIcenowyat my country the copyright will expire at 202818:20
emebAs noted - if anyone complains I'll remove the hex file and include instructions on how to recreate it from all the other places where you can get it.18:21
emebIn the meantime - "For educational purposes only".18:21
corecodewhat system was MS BASIC for 6502 used in?18:21
sorearcommodore pet18:21
corecodeso commodore basic is ms basic?18:22
MoeIcenowyCommodore / Apple / some others18:22
emebevery mfg had their own customizations18:22
emebspecial keywords, etc.18:22
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emebbut it all derived from the same code base18:22
corecodejesus assembler18:24
emebcopyright discussion added to the README.md file to cya18:30
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sxpertcorecode: source code on github somewhere19:16
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corecodesay what?19:44
sxpertcorecode: https://github.com/mist64/c64rom19:50
tpbTitle: GitHub - mist64/c64rom: Fully Commented Commodore 64 ROM Disassembly (at github.com)19:50
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