Thursday, 2019-03-07

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MoeIcenowysorry to ask icarus verilog question here03:20
MoeIcenowyis there a way to access a submodule in the top module without knowing the name of the top module?03:21
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tntFinally took the time to write custom pass for yosys to init BRAM from a file ...  much better than my hacked python script modifying the json between yosys and nextpnr :p23:35
tpbTitle: iCE40 BRAM primitives init from file by smunaut · Pull Request #859 · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at
emeb_macis there any way to insert BRAM init *after* nextpnr?23:38
tntWell, there is icebram but that requires the BRAM to be initialized with known random value during synthesis23:39
tntand then it finds those in the bitstream and replaces them.23:39
tnt(so you synth with a initfile of random value and you save that random.hex, then after nextpnr you can use icebram and give it both random.hex and real.hex and it will find those bram in the bitstream and replace their content).23:40
emeb_macinteresting approach.23:41
emeb_macsounds like they didn't know where in the bitstream the init data would end up so they had to search for it?23:42
emeb_macwhich doesn't make much sense given that the entire toolchain is FOSS at this point.23:43
tntWell yeah, because (1) it's used also for inferred RAM where you have no idea how the structure of the RAM is vs actual physical BRAM (2) nextpnr doesn't really save any mapping on which 'ram' ends up where.23:43
emeb_macok, that makes sense.23:44
corecodetnt: oh you're sylvain!23:49
corecodewe met at 35c323:49
corecodei asked you about the led panel refresh23:49
tntI am. and you did ? Well a lot of people asked about it so you'll have to be a bit more precise :p23:51
corecodei was sitting at the table for a couple of days, working on my fpga board (u4k :)23:52
tntOh yeah, I remember that !23:52
tntYou went through quite a bit of trouble to get that board supported :)23:55
corecodeyea and it was user error even23:55
corecodeturned out to be a bad icecube config - redid it and then the cpu design linked23:55
corecodeheh oh well23:55
tntWhat are the u4k advantage over the up5k ?23:55
corecodei have them here :)23:56
corecodealso, cheaper23:56
corecodei might go use ecp5 for future projects, they seem to be quite cheap as well, especially for what they have23:57
tntThey're a whoile lot trickier to solder though.23:57
corecodei think 0.8mm bga will be fine23:58

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