Monday, 2019-02-25

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emebhow well does that compare to what icecube estimates?00:01
corecodeicecube says 51MHz00:01
emebhmm... that's a fair difference for the same design.00:03
emebtiming analysis has always seemed like it involves a lot of "art" and some luck though.00:04
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soreardoes icetime do multiclock?00:11
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corecodei doubt, how would it know00:17
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lutsaboundsorear: nextpnr supports multiple clock timing.  There's no longer any need for icetime01:30
sorearlutsabound: mm, can you instruct corecode on how to use nextpnr to compute a timing analysis for a bitstream generated by iCEcube?  I was under the impression that was not possible with nextpnr01:32
lutsaboundI'd have to go back to the nextpnr docs myself01:33
lutsaboundI know its in there, I've seen the capability, but havent done multiple clocks yet myself01:34
lutsabounddaveshah knows more about it than I do01:34
sorearspecifically I was under the impression icetime could ingest an externally-generated bitstream, but nextpnr was limited to timing bitstreams it itself generated01:35
lutsaboundHmm... that may be the case01:36
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daveshahsorear: yes, icetime can read bitstreams which is great for calibration against the vendor tools10:25
daveshahmicko started work on ingesting bitstreams into nextpnr, but I don't think that's really working yet10:26
corecodeicetime says 34MHz, icecube says 51MHz10:30
corecodeso i think icetime is a bit conservative10:30
daveshahcan you provide the asc?10:31
daveshahand the icecube report?10:31
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corecodeshould i run using
daveshahNo need, GUI is fine10:32
tpbTitle: gist:7dd007a1c343b6666118b488f005a3e9 · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: top_u4k_bitmap.asc · GitHub (at
daveshahdo you have the critical path report from icetime too?10:36
daveshahah, it's in the middle, i see10:37
corecodeicecube yes10:37
daveshahthat looks like 51MHz before routing10:41
daveshahwhereas icetime runs on the routed bitstream, so the two aren't directly comparable10:42
daveshahicecube should be able to run timing analysis after routing too10:42
corecodeso why doesn't it print the estimated time after routing10:43
daveshahno idea10:43
corecodethere is a report that says 39MHz10:44
daveshahthat sounds more like it10:44
corecodei guess i need to change my spi synchronizer to work at higher speeds10:45
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