Sunday, 2019-02-17

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MoeIcenowywhere's reliable way to buy iCE40UP5K-SG48?08:21
MoeIcenowyjust use digikey?08:21
daveshahMoeIcenowy: yeah, unless it's more than a few thousand parts08:43
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tntBoth digikey and mouser keep it stocked in thousands, so seems pretty reliable source.12:38
MoeIcenowyunfortunately the Chinese electronic part supermarket LCSC doesn't have iCE4913:03
MoeIcenowyso I must suffer from international shipment when buying iCE4013:04
tntyou're in china ?13:21
MoeIcenowytnt: yes13:44
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sxpertMoeIcenowy: can't those things be found in Huaquangbai ?14:42
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corecodeMoeIcenowy: do you typically buy from lcsc?  i thought that was the outlet to the west15:05
MoeIcenowycorecode: yes15:14
MoeIcenowysxpert: many of them have no stocks, and need 10 days to order15:15
MoeIcenowyand not cheaper than digikey15:15
MoeIcenowythen why not digikey?15:15
MoeIcenowyiCE40 is quite unpopular in China15:15
MoeIcenowythings like EP4CE6 can be get quite easily and cheap15:16
corecodeofc take something domestic15:33
MoeIcenowyin fact when something is not found on Chinese ver of lcsc, it will provide a way to order on Digikey/Mouser15:44
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mrecdoes anyone know a cheap source for the ICE40UP5K-SG48I part?16:16
daveshahNo, not unless you are looking at 10-100k+16:18
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mrecthe cheapest part on mouser is 5$ it seems (100)16:23
daveshahyeah, I don't think you can do better at low quantity16:26
tntI'd call 5$ cheap .. but then again that's just me.16:48
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sxpertMoeIcenowy: guess you could start a documentation project for the EP4* ;-)18:40
sxpertMoeIcenowy: and then add that to next-pnr ;-)18:40
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sxpertmy head is about to explode with all these crazy FSMs ;-)19:33
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corecodesxpert: what crazy fsm?22:46
tntOh damnit :/
tpbTitle: Internal module wires are not accessible using dot notation · Issue #647 · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at
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emebI've *never* used dot notation for accessing signals in synthesizable code.23:08
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emebonly ever for debugging / testbenches23:08
emebat the ASIC shops I worked in that was a big no-no in the coding standards, mostly due to readability / reuse issues.23:09
emebif you wanted a signal accessible at higher levels of hierarchy, you put it in the real port list23:10
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tntemeb: well, this was for debugging ... but on hw.23:33
tntwanted to route some internal signals to external gpios.23:33
emebyeah - I've done that too.23:33
emeblately using VHDL though and there's no equivalent to dot notation there.23:34
emebso I we have to pull signals out for debug by adding ports at all levels. :P23:35
daveshahI think VHDL does have some kind of hierarchical signal access23:36
daveshahDon't know if anything actually supports it23:36
emebModelsim has an add-on library for that which we sometimes use in testbenches23:37
emebbut no synthesis supports it23:37
tpbTitle: VHDL-2008 Ease of Use (at
daveshahI think it was part of 200823:38
emeblooks similar to the modelsim stuff.23:39
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