Sunday, 2019-02-03

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dpiegdonhi there!14:18
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dpiegdoni have been playing around with ringoscillators, and found a working example from clifford, at .14:25
tpbTitle: handicraft - Revision 2994: /2015/ringosc (at
dpiegdonI was able to get this running with arachnepnr easily,14:25
dpiegdonbut on nextpnr, which is timing driven, I always get the error: ERROR: timing analysis failed due to presence of combinatorial loops, incomplete specification of timing ports, etc.14:25
dpiegdonwhich makes sense, I guess. but is there a way to tell nextpnr to ignore timing here? or alltogether?14:26
dpiegdon(I have tried --no-tmdriv)14:26
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daveshahdpiegdon: use --force14:43
dpiegdondaveshah: ok, then the error is reduced to a warning, but no output file is generated.14:48
daveshahWhat is your full command line?14:49
dpiegdon nextpnr-ice40 --no-tmdriv --force --hx1k --package tq144 --pcf icestick.pcf --json $<14:50
dpiegdoni have uploaded my example to
tpbTitle: GitHub - dpiegdon/ringoscillator: FPGA ringoscillator example. Originally taken from (at
daveshahYou need --asc output.asc to create any output14:52
dpiegdondamn - copy and paste error14:56
dpiegdonyes, that works. ringing at 322MHz :)14:58
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MoeIcenowyby the way is it a way to evalulate the frequency of such a ring oscillator?15:35
MoeIcenowycan icetime do it?15:35
sorearwith the icetime database it is possible to produce a conservative lower limit for the frequency (upper bound on delay of the closed-loop path)15:37
sorearring oscillators are very sensitive to things like temperature (and are frequently used as sensors)15:37
soreara more sophisticated timing analysis (for hold times) would also give you a lower bound on the delay → upper limit for the frequency over the operating voltage/temperature range15:38
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dpiegdonbut icetime does not produce valid results here. neither for nextpnr nor for arachnepnr. it *did* produce some valid results for an earlier example. i am going to look into this a bit.15:55
dpiegdonso for the original version from clifford, icetime shows the (~correct) value of 8.92 MHz. but only when using arachnepnr, not for nextpnr. also when reducing the delay line, the value is rougly the lower bound, as described by sorear.15:59
dpiegdonbut when i strip the example to only the ring oscillator (remove freq counter and control), icetime is clueless and shows 0MHz.16:00
dpiegdonthe oscillator *does* work, though16:00
dpiegdonso i assume icetime does somehow uses the freq-counter logic loop to count the generated frequency.16:04
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