Sunday, 2019-01-27

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promach_have anyone had "warmup failed" error using yosys-smtbmc ?10:47
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ZipCPUWarmup failed means that your assumptions are self-contradictory10:58
ZipCPUIf you get the error, typically you need to bisect your assumptions until you find the two that contradict10:58
promach_bisect the assumptions <--  ?11:10
ZipCPUYes, because the problem exists within your set of assumptions, and you need to find the ones that contradict11:11
ZipCPUSo the way to find an error like this is to go through your list of assumptions, turning them off until you no longer get the warmup failed message11:12
ZipCPUAt that point, you should be able to identify which assumptions are contradictory and why11:13
ZipCPUBy "turn them off" I mean commenting them out11:15
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