Wednesday, 2019-01-23

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shaprZipCPU: you busy this Saturday? could I schedule an hour or two to ask stupid questions about getting this synthesizer working on the beaglewire?16:10
ZipCPUSaturday might be difficult.  Perhaps something in the evening instead?16:10
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shaprI know Sundays are blocked out for you, and I'm busy Saturday evening, but W,Th,F evening?16:11
shaprany particular one that's best for you?16:11
shapryou never did send me your hourly interactive consulting prices...16:12
ZipCPUW & Th are better than F, and of those Th is probably better16:12
shaprSpiffy, Thursday evening works for me. Any particular time that's best?16:12
shaprthat'll also give me some hours this evening to work through this and make sure I have high quality noobie questions :-)16:13
ZipCPUHow about 1900 on Thursday16:14
shapreastern time, yes?16:14
shaprI appreciate you helping random internet people for money :-)16:15
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develonepi3hello all: I would like to know who would be interested in adding bluetooth to a RPi to interface19:06
develonepi3with IcoBoard or Catboard.  I have been working with the Ultibo bare metal group. I have tested19:06
develonepi3my catboard running Ultibo on my RPi3B and Now can program do the following:19:07
develonepi3program the fpga19:07
develonepi3read the parallel port of the fpga19:07
develonepi3connect remote to socket 505019:07
develonepi3receive data over the socket.19:07
tpbTitle: microbit-test/fpgaultibo.png at master · develone/microbit-test · GitHub (at
develonepi3Now the microbit bluetooth is working with Ultibo.19:10
tpbTitle: microbit-test/buttons.jpeg at master · develone/microbit-test · GitHub (at
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keesjHi, I am upgrading my yosys toolchain (to try nextpr). next to the existing recommented packages I had to install libboost-python-dev (on ubuntu 18.04)20:11
keesj (error I had) and following the documentation here
tpbTitle: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:170 (message): No version of Boost::Python 3.x - (at
somlokeesj: afaict, yosys proper doesn't need boost-python-dev; both prjtrellis and nextpnr do, however. I have made Fedora packages, and in the process I had to come up with the appropriate list of "buildrequires" for each20:59
somlokeesj: see and
somlohopefully should be close to what's needed on Debian/Ubuntu21:00
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