Friday, 2019-01-11

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promachFor , why am I having error : ERROR: Invalid array access. ?  I am using yosys-smtbmc by the way02:55
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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promachI have solved this03:17
ZipCPUpromach: Uses SymbiYosys instead--it's easier to work with and offers you more verification capability03:23
promachyeah I am using sby03:24
promachZipCPU: I am now having problem resetting 2D array in systemverilog03:24
ZipCPUResetting an array .. is that even legal on any hardware?03:25
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
promachI seem to have solved the resetting problem03:25
promachanother error cam eup03:25
promachcame up03:25
promachthis is a afifo03:26
promachZipCPU: I want to see how Jeff Bush implementation fares in formal verification03:27
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
promachhis logic is simple but I am not sure it is working well enough03:27
* ZipCPU is struggling with internet problems right now and can't click on any links03:28
promachZipCPU: ok, 404 ?03:28
promachI will figured this out slowly then, this code is not urgent at all03:28
ZipCPUNo, my router isn't allowing my laptop to connect to the internet without going through my desktop03:29
ZipCPUIt's ... complicated03:29
promachstrange wifi router, haha03:29
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ZipCPUIt's not that strange ... it worked just fine this morning03:30
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promachZipCPU: successfully solved my sby setup issue04:03
promachnow I am going to focus on writing assert() and assume() , and cover() for the code04:03
ZipCPULooks like I've also succcesfully solved my router issue as well04:04
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ZipCPUpromach: You realize that only ASIC hardware will support that FIFO clearing function, right?04:07
ZipCPUFPGA Block RAMs can't do that04:07
promachI mean with reset, you could04:07
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sorearasic memories can't do that either, you've just created a big array of flip-flops04:43
promachlogic [WIDTH - 1:0] fifo_data[0:NUM_ENTRIES - 1];04:45
promachsorear : what would be your recommendation ?04:45
tpbTitle: An asynchronous FIFO implementation from the book "The Art of Hardware Architecture Design Methods and Techniques for Digital Circuits" · GitHub (at
soreardunno, ->sleep04:48
promachgood, sleep is the best recommendation, haha04:49
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promachFor , why "mode cover" does not generate a vcd waveform for me ?08:24
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
promachuse this paste instead
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
promachsee line 39908:27
promachline 130 and 161 as well08:28
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Cerpin_since i know a lot of the people who work on the open ice40 tools are here: is there a way to infer something like an open-drain pin on a microcontroller with the ice40 i/o tiles?08:49
Cerpin_Err, with an internal pull-up, additionally08:49
Cerpin_I think that's the main thing I don't know how to ensure gets used, actually...08:49
Cerpin_(if there is a better channel for this, I apologize and can move my question over there)08:50
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daveshahCerpin_: you should be able to do `assign q = x ? 1'bz : 1'b0;`09:32
daveshahpullup can be enabled with `-pullup yes` in your pcf file09:32
daveshahAfter set_io09:33
daveshahThis is a weak pullup, on up5k you can enable a strong pullup with `-pullup_resistor 3P3K|6P8K|10K`09:34
daveshahas desired09:34
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promachI have my previous problem using
tpbTitle: An asynchronous FIFO implementation from the book "The Art of Hardware Architecture Design Methods and Techniques for Digital Circuits" · GitHub (at
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tmeissnerHi everyone13:01
tmeissnerDoes anyone has experience with the bind command to bind a SV(A) module to a VHDL entity?13:02
tmeissnerThe simple case works for me, but what should I do if I have a block defined inside the VHDL entity?13:02
tmeissnerI cannot access the signals inside this block becuase it's another scope inside the architecture :/13:03
ZipCPUMorning, tmeissner!13:19
ZipCPUYes, I have experience with the bind command13:19
ZipCPUYou have a couple of options there.  You can apply another bind to the sub-entity13:19
ZipCPUYou can also use the dot notation to set values in the top entity to match particular values in the subentity.  These might only be used by the bind component.13:20
ZipCPUThat then gives you access to values within the subentity13:20
promachbind command is supported now in yosys-smtbmc ??13:25
tmeissnerIt's not a sub-entity. it's a block inside a VHDL block statement13:25
tmeissnerI'm going to have a espresso first, will look after the options after ;)13:25
tmeissnerBut tahnks anyway :)13:26
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ZipCPUpromach: Try SymbiYosys--it's much easier to use than yosys-smtbmc13:27
ZipCPUSymbiYosys can be used to drive yosys-smtbmc, but not all engines use yosys-smtbmc.  SymbiYosys will select and drive the correct engine for you13:28
promachSymbiYosys supported bind command now ?13:29
ZipCPUThe commercial version has for quite some time now13:32
promachnot all people have the commercial one though :|13:33
ZipCPUThe commercial version has full SV and VHDL support, to include concurrent assertions13:34
promachso the non-commercial, free version which is non-verific does not support  bind  , [*1:$]  , |=>  , |->  , etc..   ?13:35
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