Friday, 2018-11-16

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cr1901_modernesden: I am able to duplicate the "GUI is not updating" problem from git master under the following conditions:00:40
cr1901_modern1. Start the GUI, pack, and start placing (doesn't matter if you add a timing constraint)00:40
cr1901_modernAlso 1. Load a project, such as picorv32*00:41
cr1901_modern2. Cancel the placement in the GUI00:41
cr1901_modern3. Repeat step 1.00:41
cr1901_modernwithout the "start the GUI" part00:41
cr1901_modern(Ya know what: "0. Start the GUI")00:41
cr1901_modernDuring the second pnr, the gfx will no longer update00:41
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mithroAnyone know what is causing this?03:45
tpbTitle: gist:e1f421d488cdc7fb57ca3320c4b667e4 ยท GitHub (at
mithroNo wire found for port PACKAGE_PIN on destination cell SB_IO_1.03:45
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mithro  removing unused non-port wire \usbdevice_usb_n_rx.                                                                removing unused non-port wire \usbdevice_usb_p_rx.04:17
mithroDoes this look wrong to anyone else?05:11
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
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mithroOh, it's to prevent accidental latches...05:20
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daveshahmithro: this could be a regression from the new router, although I haven't seen failures myself on our similar test cases07:59
daveshahI'll look into it today07:59
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