Tuesday, 2018-11-13

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omerfirmakHi all, sorry to bother you but where do i go if I want to ask something about iverilog?07:44
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omerfirmakwhere do i go*07:44
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ZipCPUomerfirmak: If you had stuck around, I might have a suggestion for you.12:53
ZipCPUIRC can have a slow turn around when those in the conversation are not present, and a very fast turnaround otherwise.12:53
ZipCPUOften you need to wait, having asked a question, for up to 24hrs12:54
ZipCPUI you read this in the logs, then I would recommend going to ##verilog.  It's not specific to iverilog, but it's the closest channel I know of for your question.12:54
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