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adumont@zipcpu Hi, I'm @adumont from twitter14:11
ZipCPUGood morning/afternoon!14:12
ZipCPUCan I ask how old your yosys build is?14:12
ZipCPUIs it a recent build from github?14:12
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adumont@zipcpu #facepalm! indeed I was not using the latest yosys build I was using 0.7+606.14:14
ZipCPUWell, let's keep working together ... Go ahead and build and tell me what takes place next14:15
ZipCPULet's get you from here to success14:15
ZipCPUDon't forget---you may want to switch mode from cover to prove, depending on what you want to do14:15
adumont@zipcpu: using Yosys 0.8+36 (git sha1 719e2940) (I believe I built it last week), it doesn't complay anymore! :)14:15
ZipCPUCan I tweet that in response?  Let me look like the hero?  :D14:15
adumont@zipcpu: sure, you solved the issue :)14:16
* ZipCPU smiles broadly!14:16
ZipCPUFeel free to come back here if you have other questions!14:16
ZipCPUIt's just too difficult to have a conversation over Twitter14:17
adumont@zipcpu: noted :). thanks, I'll follow the tutorial. I'm really eager to learn about Formal Verification.14:18
ZipCPUThere are other kind souls on this channel that may also be willing to help you out as well, should I not be available.14:19
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adamgreigin nextpnr-ice40, using lvds inputs, is it expected that i have to specify the negative input pin number instead of the positive one?15:19
daveshahIt should behave the same as arachne-pnr15:19
adamgreigshould arachne-pnr behave the same as the lattice docs sort of vaguely suggest? :p15:19
adamgreigI will try with arachne-pnr and compare15:20
adamgreigthe chipdb has z=0 for -ve and z=1 for +ve, and ice40's isValidBelForCell returns false if z!=015:20
adamgreig(if lvds is enabled)15:20
adamgreignextpnr error message: ERROR: Bel 'X0/Y20/io1' of type 'SB_IO' is not valid for cell 'SB_IO' of type 'SB_IO'15:21
daveshahI am pretty sure what we do matches the hardware15:21
adamgreigbut, arachne-pnr error message: fatal error: pcf error: LVDS port `adc_ain' not a DPxxB input15:22
daveshahThe vendor tools might abstract that more15:22
adamgreigthat's fair, I was just expecting to specify the A pin from the app note on lvds, but the arachne-pnr error makes it very clear to use the B input15:22
adamgreigthanks for the pointer :)15:24
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adumontHi guys, I'm wondering if anyone could help me fix this warning when I pass verilator:15:59
adumont%Warning-WIDTH: ram.v:23: Logical Operator IF expects 1 bit on the If, but If's VARREF 'ROMFILE' generates 104 bits.16:00
adumontcode looks like this:16:00
adumontparameter ROMFILE = "";16:00
adumontif( ROMFILE ) $readmemh(ROMFILE, mem);16:00
adumontI guess there's a better way to put it, but I have been unable to find how. (right now I put this  /* verilator lint_off WIDTH */, but I feel it's not the right way)16:01
ZipCPUHello, adumont!16:20
ZipCPUIIRC, I have an example of this that works16:20
* ZipCPU rummages through his file system16:20
ZipCPUI used a generate statement16:21
ZipCPUgenerate if (ROMFILE == 0) initial $readmemh(ROMFILE, mem); endgenerate16:21
ZipCPUYou can see the example here:
tpbTitle: icozip/memdev.v at master · ZipCPU/icozip · GitHub (at
ZipCPUThat said, it builds -- I'm not sure if I've actually executed the $readmemh in that example to know that it works16:22
adumont@zipcpu thanks, I'll try that16:24
adumont@zipcpu: actually, simply putting ROMFILE != 0 did the trick and now verilator doesn't give that warning. cool :)16:28
adumont@zipcpu: been scratching my head with your tutorial's lesson 3 :), on page 42 of the pdf, you run the sby -f ledwalker.sby and it fails (on your screenshot). In my case, with your example files, it doesn't , it passes16:31
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ZipCPULet me check16:48
adumont@zipcpu: I get this:
ZipCPUAre you set for cover or prove mode?16:53
ZipCPU(You were set for cover mode--without a cover() statement, your design will trivially pass cover())16:55
adumontyour ledwalker.sby says mode cover on the 2nd line16:55
adumontI haven't modified that16:55
ZipCPUYes.  Remember what that mode line does?16:55
ZipCPUSo, here's what you need to remember about the source files: they are meant for you to learn from.  They aren't fully functional.  The idea was to have you work with them to make them so.16:56
ZipCPU... and, hopefully by so doing, to encourage you to learn all the more.16:56
ZipCPUSounds like you've just learned something from the discussion ;)16:56
ZipCPUIf you go back to the lesson, there was a discussion regarding cover and what it did16:58
adumont@zipcpu: ah indeed! I'll rewind a bit in the lesson17:01
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