Tuesday, 2018-07-17

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cr1901_modernZipCPU: Path bug == "yosys-config returns the wrong directory on Windows." But I need to test something before actually submitting a report01:26
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cr1901_modernit's possible I forgot to run "make PREFIX=/path/to/root" while compiling01:26
ZipCPUI just ask because Clifford and I were chasing some path bugs today.01:26
ZipCPUI wasn't using Windows though01:26
* cr1901_modern goes ahead and checks01:27
ZipCPUWe were looking into include paths01:27
ZipCPUI was surprised to discover that yosys allows code in multiple directories, and include paths between them01:27
cr1901_modernWhy wouldn't it?01:28
ZipCPUExactly ... I just hadn't used that feature before.01:28
ZipCPUWell, that and .... there were some bugs when using the feature with Verific ... initially, as I recall, there was no way to create new paths.  Then once we fixed that, everytime you specified an include path it would get reset after a single read command.01:29
ZipCPUBut ... that was just my morning's work ;)01:29
cr1901_moderninclude paths are broken on ISE too if memory serves. I.e. you can only add one01:29
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ZipCPUHmm ... I didn't check more than one01:30
cr1901_modernhttps://github.com/YosysHQ/yosys/blob/master/Makefile#L487 (Why don't ppl use m4 for this?)01:32
tpbTitle: yosys/Makefile at master · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at github.com)01:32
cr1901_modernYea in any case, it's my fault for not running w/ "make PREFIX="01:33
* ZipCPU pulls up the link01:33
ZipCPUWith the PREFIX, does it work?01:34
cr1901_modernyes. Well I haven't tested it, but I know it'll work :P01:34
cr1901_modernWhen I see multiple sed expressions laid out like that, my first instinct is "m4 -DDATDIR=$(DATDIR)" etc01:34
ZipCPUYeah .... but I'm kind of glad it's not using m4 .... that's just one more dependency that would need to be installed to use it.01:36
awyglealso I'd have to learn m4 :-P01:37
cr1901_modern(Tbf, POSIX requires m4 to be present :P.)01:37
awygle(technically m4 would just be a build time dependency, not a runtime)01:38
ZipCPUAll good arguments01:39
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maikmertenported my design over the the HX8K breakout board, yay! https://github.com/maikmerten/spu32/commit/5e3401f6a67064faa11896b5a037c142c72cd7bd19:02
tpbTitle: initial port of SoC to the Lattice HX8K breakout board · maikmerten/[email protected] · GitHub (at github.com)19:02
maikmertenturns out it helps to actually double-check pin assignments and not misreading the somewhat wacky silk screen on that board19:03
maikmertenin the icestorm toolchain, is there something more than toying around with the seeds to tweak timings? My design somewhat fluctuates between 45 MHz and 56 MHz depending on minor tweaks (pin assignments, minor logic tweaks far away from the critical path) so I guess "placement and routing luck" has a role here19:09
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ZipCPUmaikmerten: Not sure what to say.  The arachne-pnr placer isn't really timing driven, so ... it gets different timing's depending upon the random variables used to generate the placement.19:31
maikmertenwell, I guess that answers the question quite fine, actually ;-)19:37
daveshahYou can pick a seed using -s, or use -r to use a random seed each time19:38
daveshahIf you want to experiment without even modifying the design at all19:38
maikmertenI think -r may be very useful if arachne-pnr and icetime are wrapped into a nice little script with a loop to retry if there's no timing closure19:45
daveshahBecause arachne-pnr is only single-threaded, it would make sense also to run 4-8 times in parallel too19:46
daveshahI've seen a Makefile which did this once19:47
tpbTitle: Makefile - talos-system-fpga - Talos™ II FPGA sources (at git.raptorcs.com)19:47
maikmertenmy Ryzen would sure like that19:47
daveshahI would not say that Makefile is an example to follow19:47
maikmertencan't be worse than mine.19:47
maikmertenoh my.19:48
sorearat the very least use $(seq 1 64)…19:49
maikmertenyeah, -r for arachne-pnr with brute-force threading sure looks like it has very neat potential https://paste.debian.net/1034143/19:53
tpbTitle: debian Pastezone (at paste.debian.net)19:53
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daveshahHaha, you could add two of the most researched and difficult parts of PnR - parallelisation and timing driven - to arachne in 10 lines of bash...19:57
maikmertenof course, that would be parallelisation with no net speed gain ;-)19:58
awyglebut improved QoR which is still a win19:59
maikmertensure :-)20:00
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