Monday, 2018-07-16

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cr1901_modernIs there a feature freeze or something of yosys right now? Usually PRs I make are merged in a few days. These few have taken 20 and 10 days respectively05:17
cr1901_modernAnd I _still_ have a path bug to fix05:17
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ZipCPUcr1901_modern: A path bug?11:39
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mattvennqu1j0t3: I've done some latency/jitter testing on a few keyboards13:47
mattvennusing a logic analyser on the USB and a relay to press the key. so no key travel taken into account13:47
mattvennyou can see some results and my sigrok setup here :
tpbTitle: GitHub - Dygmalab/latency-testing (at
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maikmertenyay, my HX8K breakout board arrived. I find it funny that the FPGA device is still labeled "SiliconBlue", despite Lattice having bought them in... 2011?15:53
daveshahI suspect they just made one big batch of devboards ages ago15:54
maikmerten(manufacturing date seems to be 30th week of 2012...)15:54
maikmertenyeah, guess they just went the "big batch" route15:55
maikmertenanother board in my local hackerspace also has the SiliconBlue marking15:55
shaprnow I have to check my devboard when I get home15:57
maikmertenmouser still has hundreds available for immediate dispatch... wonder if Lattice outsourced the storage costs ;-)15:58
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TD-Linuxyeah mine is also siliconblue16:18
maikmertenI guess we have pattern then :-)16:32
mithroApparently they where about to throw away a whole stack when the icestorm stuff hit16:40
maikmertenwould be interesting to get some data on how icestorm affected the adoption of those iCE FPGAs - but I guess there's none to be had :-(16:48
mithromaikmerten: Definitely not anything publically17:16
sorearI’m sure it helped sell devboards, but are those ever a meaningful fraction of volume?17:16
TD-Linuxtheir volumes are probably enormous, some iPhones have ice40s17:17
sorearWhat would be interesting to know is if that or any other major use was caused by icestorm17:18
sorearidk if the timing is possible in that case specifically17:18
mithrosorear: Never underestimate how frequently people end up "using what they know" -- Probably a large number of people now know that lattice *exists* compared to previously only ever considering Altera / Xilinx17:18
TD-Linuxyeah, I wouldn't be surprised if icestorm created more Diamond users as well :)17:20
sorearmithro: very true17:21
mithroAlthough after using icestorm and *then* using the proprietary tools, you might just never use FPGAs again :-P17:22
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sorear(is icestorm the only toolchain that supports macOS?)17:23
mithroI think so?17:23
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sorearIt’ll be interesting to see what changes when the ecp5 stuff is ready17:33
maikmertenecp5... as in Cyclone V?17:35
maikmertenoh, no, that's Lattice, too17:35
maikmerten(I have a few Cyclone II boards called "ep2c5" and got side-tracked by that)17:36
sorearThere are a couple active projects but ecp5 seems closest17:38
maikmertenecp5 looks really decent17:40
maikmertenguess it comes from a completely different design family than iCE, which just got aquired17:41
maikmertenhuh, on the HX8K eval board the 12 MHz oscillator is apparently not connected to a pin that can drive the PLL?!17:43
maikmertenfatal error: bad constraint on `clk_12mhz': no PLL at pin J317:43
* maikmerten is puzzled17:43
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mjoldfieldmaikmerten: These are my blinky notes for the HX8K demo board
tpbTitle: Martin’s Atelier: iCE40 Blinky on HX8K Breakout (at
maikmertenmjoldfield, thanks17:53
mjoldfieldmaikmerten: YMMV, I am a complete newbie with this stuff.17:54
maikmertenwe have something common then :-)17:54
maikmertenthat's always nice!17:54
maikmertenmjoldfield, thanks, that actually helped18:03
maikmertenhad to instantiate SB_PLL40_CORE18:03
maikmerten(instead of _PAD)18:03
mjoldfieldOh good18:03
daveshahsorear: we have a blinky for the ecp5 now built using a fully FOSS Verilog to bitstream flow, and ECP5 synthesis just got merged into Yosys today18:18
daveshahthe P&R still needs work and tidying up before its something that others could actually build/use but we're aiming for a release at the end of the month18:19
daveshahthis will still be very basic, probably just IO, logic and distributed RAM18:19
daveshahEBR, DSP, fancy IO features, etc will come over the next few months18:19
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sorearOoh, thanks for the update18:33
sorearWill the EOM release also have ice40 vtr?18:34
daveshahyes, mithro is working on that18:35
mithroYes, at this very moment18:35
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mithroMaybe even some support for Artix-7 stuff in VtR if I can figure out this ice40 timing stuff which would allow me to get back to that18:36
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