Sunday, 2018-07-08

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mithroHow do figure out why yosys thinks this object has a non-constant width or size?01:06
ZipCPUUsually I just look through the code.01:12
ZipCPUI did just recently have the bug myself ... from a parameter defining the width that hadn't been defined.01:13
ZipCPUOf course, .... you can also use Verilator -Wall and find a lot of those bugs as well.01:13
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mithroZipCPU: verilator -Wall is probably a good ide01:38
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blunaxelaPretty new to using yosys and I've been looking at its SystemVerilog support. It doesn't appear to support multidimensional packed arrays, is that correct? I've started editing the parser and AST simplifier to get some of it working, although I assume there's way more to actually finishing it.03:19
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mithroZipCPU: You use iverilog frequently? How can I make it possible to specify the VCD output file on the command line? I'm currently trying to use a -D and $dumpfile() but the -D flag doesn't seem to be passed into the ivlpp preprocessor...19:42
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