Wednesday, 2018-07-04

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mithrodaveshah: When you get up, I have questions about yosys json :-P02:43
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daveshahmithro: pong06:52
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daveshahmithro: still got JSON questions? (sorry for getting up late :P)13:50
mithrodaveshah: Morning13:50
mithrodaveshah: Well, actually it turns out I think it might be more with your script13:51
mithrodaveshah: Now that routing in the ice40 seems to be working okay, I'm going back to fix up some of the primitive descriptions13:51
daveshahmithro: I don't think I ever did primitive descriptions for the ice40?13:52
daveshahI think we were doing Artix stuff back then13:52
mithrodaveshah: I added them a while back13:52
daveshahmithro: Ah, cool13:52
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mithrodaveshah: The two main questions are --
tpbTitle: vlog_to_pbtype.xml tool using object *type* rather than name in output. · Issue #169 · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
daveshahmithro: afaik we discussed that back when, and chose that approach because it fitted in with the Artix and doing the "N" module business13:55
daveshahthat way we just used an include13:55
daveshahit would be some restructuring to avoid that13:55
mithrodaveshah: So, one way is to just add another layer of indirection13:55
daveshahmithro: yeah, that would probably work13:56
mithrodaveshah: I'm unclear if your flattening the output in the JSON and how that interacts13:57
daveshahmithro: nope, shouldn't be flattening the output for pb_type generation, IIRC13:57
daveshahall modules should be in the JSON, so long as they are readable13:57
mithrodaveshah: FYI -- you seem to do a lot of "if <condition>: assert False, <message>" -- you can just do a "assert not <condition>, <message>"13:58
mithrodaveshah: Took me a while to figure out why your version felt strange :-P13:59
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