Tuesday, 2018-06-26

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luismarquesHi. For formal verification, how do you do synchronous resets? The example I found with an initial block and a if (!$initstate) block seems geared towards async resets16:12
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awyglei could not get async resets working, actually16:12
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ZipCPUIs the question about async resets or synchronous resets?  Both work.16:13
awygleif you share an example of what you're trying to do, i can take a look16:13
luismarquesWell, consider for instance the example in this PDF: http://www.clifford.at/papers/2016/yosys-smtbmc/slides.pdf16:14
luismarquesIt has an initial block which assumes(rst); But because my reset is synchronous, that’s not enought to actually reset my circuit, you also need to toggle the clock16:15
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ZipCPUAre you using symbiyosys or yosys/yosys-smtbmc with clk2fflogic?16:15
ZipCPU.... and which slide of the pdf are you referencing?16:16
luismarquesI’m using yosys-smtbmc, but I don’t know anything about clk2fflogic16:16
ZipCPUclk2fflogic is a yosys command to make asynchronous logic useful.  If you aren't using it, then don't worry about toggling the clock--the formal tool will handle it for you.16:17
awygleit must be the "hello test-bench" slide, 12 or 1316:17
ZipCPU(You may not see it toggle in your trace ...)16:17
luismarquespage 13 of the slide16:17
awyglei hate this example by the way16:17
awyglehate is a strong word, i just woke up cranky today. but i don't like this example, i think it confuses more than it helps.16:18
ZipCPUinitial assume(i_reset); isn't a bad assumption16:18
luismarquesIn the VCD I see the reset=1, but because the clock hasn’t yet toggled the port I’m looking at still has garbage. I thought if (!$initstate) would take care of that, but not with a sync reset16:19
ZipCPUDon't look for clock toggles in the VCD file ... you may not see them.16:19
ZipCPUThings will change on the clock, even if the clock doesn't appear to toggle.16:20
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luismarquesOk, but the result doesn’t make sense. I know that if the circuit is reset that port should equal 1, and the VCD shows it equals 0 immediately, so I’m doing something wrong. I’ll try a smaller example then16:21
ZipCPUAre you using the example, or your own design?  If your own design, can you share it at all?16:22
luismarquesMy own design. I’ll share a smaller design16:22
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luismarquesOk, apparently the issue is that I tried to directly assert on the output port instead of using a wire. With the wire it works as expected…16:43
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ZipCPUThat shouldn't be the problem.16:48
ZipCPUYou should be able to make assertions on wires, regs, inputs and outputs with no difference between the two16:49
luismarquesPerhaps it was because the output port of the circuit wasn’t connected to anything in the testbed (other than the assert) and the optimizations influenced the result?16:50
ZipCPUNo, that shouldn't have affected anything.  I have a lot of dangling wires in my designs that I use for formal properties only.16:52
awygleI could see that happening if you ran synthesis before formal in your flow.16:54
daveshahassertions should still mean a wire is loaded and therefore kept though16:54
awygleWhich would probably be incorrect but would be easy to do without thinking16:54
awygleMm, good point. Not sure how that works.16:55
daveshahYosys creates an internal cell for assertions - with a single input - during elaboration and should be kept through synthesis16:55
awygleIf not that then I bet it's default_nettype again16:56
luismarqueswell, I was doing read_verilog -formal tb.v; prep -top tb; memory -nordff; write_smt2 -wires tb.smt216:58
daveshahthat looks like a perfectly good flow16:59
luismarquesIn any case, I don’t really understand the reset: if I only want to assert some property after a synchronous reset, what’s the correct way to do that?17:15
awyglei usually define an "f_reset_in_past" signal for this purpose17:16
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luismarquesWhat’s the first numeric column in the output of yosys-smtbmc?17:37
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luismarquesWeird: yosys-smtbmc seemed to be working fine. I compared two modules that should behave equally and it found a bug. But now it failed in a line that says “assert(dqo1 == dqo2);” but in the VCD file both dqo1 and dqo2 are always zero (and thus equal)...18:18
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luismarquesOK, I removed all the other asserts, just to be sure it wasn’t a wrong line output; same result18:27
mjoldfieldAre the zeros different widths ? Does == care ?18:28
luismarques@mjoldfield yup, that was it. I was using two 1-bit wires, instead of two 16-bit ones. Still, I would have expected the wires to be set to the LSB of each port and thus to compare equal, thus missing the bug. But the wire had the full value, although the VCD only showed the LSB18:35
ZipCPUluismarques: Was the assert on a positive edge of a clock?18:38
luismarquesZipCPU: you mean the assert condition or the triggered assert?18:40
luismarquesIt wasn’t written to be checked at the clock edge, but it triggered on a positive edge of the clock, yes18:40
ZipCPUIs the assert an always @(posedge i_clk) assert (A == B); or an always @(*) assert(A == B);18:40
ZipCPUOk, @* will show in the final clock of the VCD file, @(posedge clk) one column before that.18:41
luismarquesyeah, the problem was the bit width, as mjoldfield guessed18:41
ZipCPUGot it.18:41
luismarquesThanks guys18:41
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luismarquesWhat’s the first numeric column in the output of yosys-smtbmc?21:27
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* ZipCPU needs to remind himself what that column looks like ...22:21
ZipCPUYou mean the time column?22:21
ZipCPUshowing the time since yosys-smtbmc was started?22:22
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luismarques##   2909   0:48:29  Checking asserts in step 36..22:25
luismarques##   3622   1:00:22  Checking asserts in step 37..22:25
awygle2909 seconds. 2909/60 = 48 remainder 2922:34
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luismarquesAh. I thought it would be something fancy like some number of SAT terms or whatever ;)22:37
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