Friday, 2018-06-08

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mattvennIn my efforts to make a sliding DFT in Verilog08:04
tpbTitle: GitHub - mattvenn/fpga-fft: sliding DFT for FPGA, targetting Lattice ICE40 1k (at
mattvennI'm a bit stuck on how to handle the integer maths08:04
mattvennthe 'twiddle factors' are scaled to make the most use of the precision available08:05
mattvennbut then when I'm doing the multiplication, things quickly overflow08:05
mattvennin my python implementation, the frequency bins stay low, because all the twiddle factors are <= 108:05
mattvennhow do I handle keeping repeated multiplications within the bounds of my registers?08:06
sorearyour repo is misnamed, that is not a fft08:08
mattvennI started off doing an FFT and then changed to SDFT08:08
mattvennbut what is the difference?08:08
soreardo a bit shift?  (x * 85) >> 8 ~= x * (1/3)08:09
sorearhmm, finite precision is a problem, disappointed that the paper doesn't cover numerical stability at all08:15
mattvennthis one touches on it:
tpbTitle: Understanding and Implementing the Sliding DFT - Eric Jacobsen (at
mattvennbut just mentions that you can tweak the coefficients down a little if it overflows08:19
mattvennhowever, I definitely some scaling happening somewhere before I consider that08:19
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keesjthere was an other amp hour interview that was ICE/FPGA related13:01
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keesjI wonder how stable the tinyFPGA clock is and how the bootloader performs.13:02
keesjit was not 100% clear to me what functionality is present when using Yosys13:03
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mattvennit all works with icestudio, which depends on apio, which depends on icestorm/yosys13:52
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tinyfpgakeesj: the TinyFPGA BX uses a MEMS oscillator from Microchip15:59
tpbTitle: DSC6000 Family MEMS Oscillators | Microchip Technology (at
tinyfpgakeesj: its accurate within 25ppm and has a jitter on the order of 10s of ps16:00
tinyfpgakeesj: like mattvenn mentioned, it’s 100% compatible with icestorm/yosys.16:01
mattvennhey tinyfpga !16:20
tinyfpgahey mattvenn :)16:20
tinyfpgaI lurk around here once and a while...get push notifications to my phone when my handle is mentioned16:20
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mattvenngood to see your recent boards worked out well16:32
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mithrotinyfpga: Hey!18:18
tinyfpgamithro: hey, what’s up?18:19
mithrotinyfpga: How goes things?18:19
tinyfpgamithro: very busy...was lucky to have time to assemble the samples last night18:20
tinyfpgamithro: need to update the website now for the BX so the reviewers have instructions to use Atom IDE with APIO/icestorm18:21
tinyfpgamithro: and fill out some paper work for arrow to start an order of FPGAs for the next TinyFPGA BX production run18:22
mithrotinyfpga: That would be awesome - interested to see how atom + apio work18:22
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develonepi3Are most on this irc using RaspBian to work with IcoBoard?23:07
mithrodaveshah: Do you know if with the ".param LUT_INIT 0110" can I just pad it with zeros to get the 16b version?23:13
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