Sunday, 2018-06-03

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promach_For temporal induction, Could anyone advise why does not follow assertion in line 277 ?02:05
promach_just for info, line 277 had passed BMC02:20
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tpbTitle: UART/test_UART.v at development · promach/UART · GitHub (at
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ZipCPUpromach_: You are going to find it difficult for someone to comment on your code based upon just a couple lines.13:03
ZipCPUYour logic spreads across many files, the trace doesn't make much sense without a thorough understanding of how your logic works.13:03
ZipCPUWorse, those couple of lines you are struggling with are long lines that are difficult to read and follow.13:04
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promach_ZipCPU: you are right, but not with line 27714:00
promach_shift_reg should follow assertion at line 277 in induction14:00
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ZipCPUpromach: The number of bits on the right hand side of that equation should match the number of bits on the left.17:52
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