Thursday, 2018-05-31

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ZipCPUAnyone here have experience installing Avy on a newer Linux, such as Ubuntu 18.04?  I tried installing it and it failed on me.00:14
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aijunot strictly yosys related but i'm working on a verilog implementation and wondering how unsized constants are supposed to work exactly07:25
aijudoes someone here know how they work in yosys and other implementations?07:27
aijuieee 1364-2005 seems to make a number of almost contradictory statement on the matter07:29
aijuit kind of seems like it's supposed to be a separate type but then again not really07:38
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ZipCPUaiju: Unsized constants need to be connected to sized wires and registers11:39
ZipCPUThey are assumed to be unsigned, even if negative, so bits are just dropped if I understand correctly11:40
ZipCPUI tend to avoid them because the tools I use check for size changes and produce warnings--even when the behavior is exactly what I want.11:41
aiju"They are assumed to be unsigned" this is opposite of 1364-200511:55
aijuare you talking about 'd23?11:56
aiju"23" and "'sd23" are signed, "'d23" is unsigned11:58
aijuhowever the standard explicitly states that constants that start with "x" and "z" have that x/z extended to the "size of the expression" (whatever that means)12:00
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aijui've just reread the section on expression width and found this statement: In general, any context-determined operand of an12:10
aijuoperator shall be the same type and size as the result of the operator.12:10
aijuwhich is curious because it implies strange things happen with divisions and right shifts so i kinda suspected it's not implemented literally12:11
ZipCPU"reg" and "wire" are unsigned, whereas "reg signed" and "wire signed" are signed.12:11
aijuIf the operand must be extended,12:32
aijuthen it shall be sign-extended only if the propagated type is signed.12:32
aijumore fun stuff...12:32
aijuZipCPU: ah, sorry, i thought "they" referred to the constants, not the registers12:33
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