Monday, 2018-05-28

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ZipCPUSo ... does the SAT induction solver work from the (potential) assertion error timestep backwards, or from a generic timestep forwards?00:04
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dmin7ZipCPU: i tried to simplify the read and write to the 2d array (triggers) .. in the simulation it runs fine, but it still gets synthesized as FFs and not BRAM .. any idea?12:00
tpbTitle: [VeriLog] module icosoc_mod_triggerrec #( parameter integer CLOCK_FREQ_HZ = 0, // unused - (at
* ZipCPU takes a peek12:01
dmin7that was fast (:12:01
ZipCPUI think you'll still want to split the always block with if (triggers_*) up into two blocks.12:02
* dmin7 go try12:02
ZipCPUYou mentioned a 2D array.  I don't see any 2D arrays.  I see a 1D array of 32-bit words.  Is this what you meant by a 2D array?12:03
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dmin7oh, yes .. just array* sorry12:05
dmin7splitting it up doesn't change anything12:05
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dmin7you also told me to not use the for loop for initialization12:17
dmin7without it it uses BRAM :o12:18
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ZipCPUSo, after formally verifying the CPU, the extra logic I added to pass grew the CPU by about 5% LUTs.  :/14:47
emebThe perfect circuit is like the speed of light - you have to add exponentially more resources to get asymptotically close to the goal.14:52
ZipCPUThe good news, I guess, is that I've just corrected a whole bunch of otherwise deadly hidden bugs within the CPU15:00
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