Sunday, 2018-05-27

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dmin7hi, bit of a weird question: are there any logic analyzers (or other hardware products) out there doing sort of "trigger based output filtering", so that you can define certain trigger events, and then you get a 'clean' output with only those events in it?09:09
ZipCPUExternal or internal to the FPGA?09:10
* ZipCPU scratches his head09:11
ZipCPUI know digilent's "Digital Discovery" is quite scriptable, but I'm not sure if that necessarily means it does or doesn't do what you are looking to do.09:11
ZipCPUI know from an internal logic analyzer standpoint, the wbscope that I use and its wbscopc (compressed) cousin may both be configured to do what you are asking.09:12
dmin7looks interesting, thx09:15
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mjoldfielddmin7 : Could you capture everything and then filter it ?09:59
ZipCPUWouldn't that require a bigger capture memory?10:05
mjoldfieldZipCPU: Yes, indeed, but you can then do the filtering at your leisure :)10:05
dmin7and you can potentially sample at higher speeds / better resolution, if you know there is not going to be much "signal traffic" and are focused on the timing10:06
mjoldfieldI've played with an older version of this which was pleasant for simple stuff.10:06
tpbTitle: USB Logic Analyzers from Saleae - (at
dmin7(which is kinda what i'm trying to do with the ice40 atm :)10:06
dmin7(also why i want to know if it already exists in that form)10:07
mjoldfieldI think there are problems where you want to filter at capture time, and other ones where it's better to grab everything. I suppose it comes down to how complicated the filter needs to be.10:09
mjoldfielddmin7: You've presumably seen this
tpbTitle: SUMP2 100 MSPS 32bit Logic Analyzer for icoBoard+RaspberryPi Black Mesa Labs (at
dmin7mjoldfield: yep, there's also this (based on sump2) .. which has nice triggering options
tpbTitle: SUMP logic analyzer Verilog Demon core documentation - DP (at
dmin7but that's still just triggering, no filtering as far as i can see10:20
mjoldfielddmin7: Yes, I think you're right.10:52
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jonsmithanyone around?17:54
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