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ZipCPUHi, azzizi!  This is a place you can hold a conversation--so you can do more here than just ask questions.00:06
ZipCPUI know the various "synth" steps are usually composed of many separate steps within a design, and these separate steps can be selected and activated individually.00:07
ZipCPUFrom that standpoint, it sounds like inputting a design via read_verilog, followed by some amount of processing, followed by write_verilog, followed by your processing, followed by read_verilog and the processing chain again, followed by write_whatever might suit your needs.00:08
ZipCPUBut ... getting back the original behavioral code from the platform specific Verilog code?  That sounds like a hard problem.00:10
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awygleILANG is a textual representation of RTLIL so it should not lose information. You should be able to modify the ILANG as long as you end up with a legal file. You might also consider writing a custom Yosys pass.01:03
awygleazzizi: ^01:03
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daveshahazzizi: neither write_verilog nor read_verilog perform any synthesis07:55
daveshahread_verilog reads in the source code and compiles it to a high level (architecture agnostic) RTLIL netlist07:55
daveshahwrite_verilog simply dumps the current internal RTLIL to verilog07:56
daveshahIf you want the output to be synthesised to a particular architecture, you need to call one of the synth commands, or manually set up your own sequence of commands to do synthesis, between read_verilog and write_verilog07:56
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daveshahEven the first compilation step after read_verilog does loose some information, so you can't go back to the original input verilog07:57
daveshahSynthesis will cause much more significant differences though. The resulting verilog will still be functionally equivalent though.07:58
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daveshahThe AST outputs are for debugging only, they are not a useful intermediate format as Yosys has no facility to read them in07:59
daveshahThe most useful intermediate format is ILANG08:00
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