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emebSkimmed thru this:
tpbTitle: [1805.03648] Parallel Programming for FPGAs (at
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emebWondering how much HLS really improves overall design quality / productivity.15:00
promach2For, why am I having this error "ERROR: Left operand of replicate expression is not constant at ../rtl/test_UART.v:192" ?15:01
tpbTitle: test_UART.v ยท GitHub (at
ZipCPUpromach2: Ahm ... because it isn't constant?  The error is pretty self explanatory.15:11
promach2ZipCPU: huh ? I am using genvar, why is it not constant ?15:16
shaprI had a shower thought yesterday about FPGA layout15:16
shaprbut I'm not quite sure how to turn it into words15:16
shaprfirst thought was, place and route on a sphere would be much easier, especially since the edges connect15:17
daveshahpromach2: because you are not using the genvar directly, but as an index to received_data_zeroes which is non-constant15:17
shaprthat turned into thinking about n-dimensional surface layout, I suspect it'd be easy to do, but I'm not sure about bringing it back down from higher dimensions15:18
ZipCPUshapr: My thought was that the first step to P&R should be an aggregation step, words should be placed together for example.15:18
ZipCPUThat would solve any carry chain issues.15:18
shaprZipCPU: elucidate?15:18
qu1j0t3there's a LOT of literature on this problem :)15:18
ZipCPUqu1j0t3: And I haven't read any of it! ;D15:18
shaprI was thinking about how SA gets stuck in local minima, I suspect doing layout in more dimensions and then reducing down to two may help with that15:19
ZipCPUshapr: Ooohh, yea, okay ... fascinating thought.15:20
qu1j0t3there are some other algorithms you could look at -- cuckoo search etc15:20
shaprrelated to cuckoo hashing, probably?15:20
emeb"reducing down to two" <- there's the rub.15:20
shapremeb: yeah, agreed15:20
ZipCPUMy thought was that: reg [15:0] A; always @(posedge i_clk) A <= A + 1; requires a series of logic elements that need to be placed near each other.  The first step should therefore be a block placement algorithm.15:21
shaprfirst thought about that was 'sticking down' part of a spherical layout, then re-running SA in 2D15:21
qu1j0t3the thing is "stuck in the wrong local minimum" is literally the issue, because the thing is NP-complete.15:21
qu1j0t3you can only mitigate it15:21
qu1j0t3& i think there are things you can do to help SA out?15:21
* ZipCPU pulls at his beard15:21
ZipCPUSituational awareness?15:22
qu1j0t3shapr: do you mean a torus?15:22
qu1j0t3ZipCPU: simulated annealing15:22
ZipCPUAhh ... thanks15:22
shaprtorus would be fine too15:22
shaprjust anything that makes the search easier at first15:22
shaprI also thought that a generic place-and-route might start with zero layout constraints on a sphere, just shrinking the sphere down to the perfect size to fit the layout15:23
shaprand then add in constraints15:23
shaprsuch as output pins and that kind of thing15:23
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shaprnow I wish I had a BLIF parser in Haskell15:24
* shapr digs into
promach2daveshah: thanks for the tips15:27
shaprqu1j0t3: what's the trade-off between a torus and sphere?15:28
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qu1j0t3if you are working 2 dimensional ordinates you might have some trouble mapping to a sphere?15:31
qu1j0t3there's also particle swarm optimisation. if i were doing this, i'd probably develop metrics and constraints i could use with pluggable algorithms, as there are quite a few possibilities15:31
qu1j0t3but things like cuckoo search and PSO look promising to me if SA isn't cutting it. but you will definitely want to review literature so you get some benefit from the large investments already made15:33
shapryes, I want a place and route experimental toolkit15:34
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shaprawygle: were you able to find the source code for the GPU star+ place-and-route paper?16:04
shaprI found the primary author's github account, but don't see the source there16:04
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shapris there a specification for the blif format?16:48
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awygleshapr: all i know of is
awygleand no, i didn't acquire the source. if you pinged that author and they could provide it that would be great17:03
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