Friday, 2018-04-27

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bthomHi, Is it possible to get from yosys the maximum level of logic between every dff? (In it's internal cell representation) I was considering computing it myself based on the graph output, but I thought this functionality may already be implemented in a part that I did not find in the doc.19:00
ZipCPUYou mean ... like the longest path length?19:14
ZipCPUAre you asking regarding an ice40, or some other chip?19:15
bthomYes the longest path length, but not for ice40, for the "Internal cell" that are described in the documentation of yosys. (So before using the final libraries, if I  understand a bit the flow of yosys)20:15
ZipCPUYeah, not sure I know that answer.20:53
ZipCPUbthom: Would "ltp" (longest-topological path) work for your purpose?21:05
ZipCPU-noff will exclude FF cell types21:05
ZipCPU... and you'll probably want to flatten your design first.21:06
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bthomThat sounds great! Thanks for the tip, I will try it out right now21:29
bthomThat works great, thank yoU!21:31
ZipCPUI love taking credit for what other people do ... :D21:33
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